Sexual Assault Centre

Educational Workshops

Education is key to facilitating meaningful change on our campus. Our Centre offers free, interactive awareness workshops on sexual assault and issues related to sexual assault for all groups in the community.

Sexual Assault Awareness Workshops

Being aware of the definition of sexual assault and the prevalent myths in our society decreases acceptance of sexual violence and increases understanding of sexual assault survivors’ experiences, thereby helping to prevent sexual assault.

Our workshops are designed to fit easily into class periods and with the choice of a 50 or 80 minute session. We can also tailor the length of the workshop to the needs of your specific class or group.

In our workshops, participants will:

  • learn the definition of sexual assault and what constitutes consent;
  • discuss prevalent myths in our society regarding sexual assault;
  • acquire basic skills to support a survivor;
  • talk about non-traditional ways to prevent sexual violence; and
  • learn about resources for those affected by sexual assault.

Bystander Intervention Workshops

This workshop aims to engage the broader campus community in ending sexual violence. At the Sexual Assault Centre, we recognize that we all have a role to play in stopping sexual assault, but that being an active bystander isn't without its barriers. Participants in this discussion-based workshop will work through a variety of scenarios where various forms of sexual violence are either taking place, or have the potential to occur. Together, we will work through the process of identifying, assessing, and intervening in these situations. Participants will learn how to identify sexual violence, gain confidence in their ability to interrupt these situations in the world around them, and take part in visioning and taking steps toward creating a world without sexual violence.

Upcoming Workshops
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
5:30 - 8 p.m.
SUB 2-725

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Student Advisors' Workshop

In this two hour session, U of A student advisors will learn more about how to support students around the issue of sexual assault in respect to their special role on campus. The session will focus on support skills specific to working with survivors of sexual assault and will better prepare participants to receive disclosures from, and provide referrals to, survivors on campus. To better illustrate this supportive relationship, we will also work through a student scenario as a group. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the services offered by the Sexual Assault Centre, be provided with legal definitions of sexual assault and consent, and have the opportunity to discuss prevalent myths surrounding sexual assault in order to unpack how they affect us all — survivors and supporters — alike.

Upcoming Workshops
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
9 - 11 a.m.
SUB 4-02

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Professional & Specialty Workshops

Our Centre also offers workshops for University staff, faculty, and students in professional programs. We are happy to work with groups on campus to tailor our workshops suit the unique needs of their specific unit, class, faculty or organization. Past workshops we have provided include:

Disclosure Training Sessions

Information on how to deal with disclosures of sexual assault and abuse specific to your role on campus. Sessions cover a wide range of topics related to working directly with survivors of sexual violence in various professional capacities.