Meet the Team

Sam: Director
Paige: Volunteer Program Coordinator & Crisis Support Worker


Volunteer Program Coordinator & Crisis Support Worker

  • About Sam

    She/Her | BA

    Sam's dedication to anti-sexual violence advocacy began when she saw an education presentation facilitated by the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre (SAC) during the second year of her undergraduate degree. Little did she know that this presentation would play a large part in determining her personal and professional direction into the future. After working as both the Volunteer Programme Coordinator and the Education Program Coordinator, Sam moved into the role of Director of the SAC in January 2017. As Director, Sam provides vision, guidance, and mentorship to a tremendously talented group of volunteers and staff, who all passionately believe in the transformative power of peer-education, community-driven awareness initiatives, and person-centred support. Sam's years of experience facilitating anti-sexual violence education workshops and providing crisis intervention support to those who have been impacted by sexual violence has taught her a lot about the importance of creating space for folks to connect to the issues in ways that make sense for them. When Sam isn't working she can be found engaging in intersectional feminist community organizing, or outdoors with her pup.

  • About Paige

    She/Her | BSc

    Paige has been involved in anti-sexual violence advocacy since volunteering with the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre as a Volunteer Intake Support Worker in 2014. After completing her undergraduate degree in 2016, Paige was fortunate enough to obtain a staff position at the same Centre that she believes was so transformative during her academic career, and now oversees its Crisis Intervention Program. Her work involves training and supervising a team of incredibly dedicated and talented Crisis Intervention Volunteers who facilitate education workshops and provide support, advocacy, and accompaniment to survivors of sexual violence and their supporters. Paige is passionate about survivor-led advocacy, person-centred support, and the tremendous impact a positive first response can have. When not at work, Paige engages in other interests including her cat, board games, and fantasy novels.

Daniela: Education Program Coordinator

Education Program Coordinator

  • About Daniela

    She/Her | RSW | CD (DONA)

    Daniela has extensive knowledge working in the anti-violence field in various locations. She has witnessed the impacts of the global trafficking trade while serving as crew on sailing vessels throughout the oceans, managed a 24/7 volunteer-ran sexual violence hotline in Minneapolis, and provided long term support to youth engaged in the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in the United States. Daniela is honoured and grateful for these work experiences and opportunities to navigate advocacy through community organizing, guerilla marketing, researching, and providing direct services. Her areas of study include a Political Science major with a certificate in Women and Gender Studies from Minneapolis Community Technical College, and a double degree in Sociology & Social Work with a minor in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin.

    As one of the Education Programme Coordinators at the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre, Daniela values creating accessible, inclusive and welcoming environments that allow for education, empowerment, and healing of those impacted by sexual violence. As a social worker, Daniela is interested in responses to sexual violence on a micro, mezzo, and macro level, and understands the necessity and interconnectedness of interpersonal violence services, education, and systems change. Daniela is a 3rd generation birth-worker and full spectrum Doula who provides culturally specific services, rituals and ways of knowing/remembering to the birthing and dying process. When not at work, Daniela can be found growing herbs, working with crystals and dreaming of a tropical somewhere.