Alberta Innovates Summer Studentships

The Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship program provides funding to support students engaging in medical and health sciences research and innovation during the summer months (May-August). The objectives of the SRS program are to:

  • Increase awareness and interest in research & innovation (R&I) careers - particularly at the intersection of health and emerging technologies. 
  • Create opportunities for emerging talent to acquire experience and connections in Alberta’s health R&I ecosystem. 
  • Increase the competitiveness of Alberta as a destination for R&I talent.
  • Leverage partner relationships to advance Digital Health Innovation in Alberta. 

The Undergraduate Research Initiative administers the Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship program at the University of Alberta.

Priority Areas for 2023

Alberta Innovates routinely adjusts the SRS program guidelines to increase emphasis on capacity development in areas of strategic relevance to the province.  As a condition of our funding from Alberta Innovates, 30% of awards are to be directed to projects that align with one or more of these priority areas: Digital Health, Data Enabled Health Transformation, and Health Innovation and Technology Acceleration. Please see the definitions below. 

Applications aligning with one or more priority areas are strongly encouraged but are not treated preferentially in the adjudication process. The proposed research aligning with the priority area(s) should be within the scope of the student's proposed work, integral to the overall research project, and well-rationalized throughout the project proposal.

The 2023 SRS Recipients


Digital Health
Digital Health – the convergence of digital and emerging technologies with health, healthcare, living, and society. It has the potential to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery through personalizing medicine, enabling better access to care and empowering citizens to manage their own health.
Data Enabled Health Transformation
Data Enabled Health Transformation - the creation, amalgamation, analysis, and application of large quantities of complex information to improve health /or healthcare decision-making. Examples include: data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence platforms.
Health Innovation and Technology Acceleration
Health Innovation and Technology Acceleration - while not all discoveries have a clear path to adoption and use, research can be approached in ways that increase the potential for uptake, such as by considering marketplace need, industry pull, technology partnerships, scale-up requirements, and the types of evidence needed to mobilize support for further development. Increasing the availability of talent that can accelerate the development of innovations - particularly related to the Internet of Medical Things, xR, wearables, personalized health, and health economics – is of high priority.

Program Changes for 2023

  • The value of the Alberta Innovates SRS award will increase to $1,875/month (max. $7,500 for a 4 month project)
  • To be eligible to apply for the Alberta Innovates SRS, students must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or MD program at the University of Alberta.
  • The structure of the application form has been revised to align with reporting requirements for Alberta Innovates. 

Program Guide & Resources

How to Apply

Students may apply with ONE supervisor. Supervisors may apply with a maximum of TWO students.  Applications received in excess of these limits will not be sent for adjudication

The Alberta Innovates SRS application must be submitted online. Paper or email application forms will not be accepted. We recommend that students and supervisors complete the application using the offline template provided, then students should submit the final, completed version through the Google Form.

Students will be required to upload a PDF of their transcript(s) to the Google Form. 

Note: Students may apply through the Alberta Innovates SRS application process to be considered for the following awards (according to student/supervisor eligibility):

Applicants are asked to provide information to help determine their eligibility for these awards and consent to share application materials (including transcripts) with the relevant agencies. In the event that your Alberta Innovates Summer Studentship application is not successful, URI will forward your application package to these other competitions (as applicable) for further consideration. All subsequent notification/administration related to these awards is the responsibility of the corresponding agency.

Deadline for Applications

Applications for the Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship Program for 2023 are now closed.