URI Undergraduate Researcher Stipend

The Undergraduate Researcher Stipend enables undergraduate students to carry out mentored, interdisciplinary research projects and creative activities. The URI Stipend allows undergraduate students to enrich their university experience through hands-on discovery and skill development in a research-intensive university.  

The URI is committed to supporting opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. The URI Stipend is open to students in any year of study, and any discipline, including full-time or part-time students, domestic and international students. The URI Stipend is not adjudicated on the basis of GPA, and demographic information is not provided to adjudicators.  

In addition to the general pool of Stipends open to students in any discipline, several targeted pools of funding are also available. These funding partnerships provide a mechanism for students to be considered for funding from various sources through a single application and adjudication process. Proposals for targeted funds are subject to the same adjudication process as general URI Stipend proposals and are not treated preferentially. Proposals that do not meet the criteria for targeted funding are welcome and encouraged. 

Targeted Funding Areas

Note: the number of targeted awards will vary depending on the availability of funding for each application cycle.

Campus as a Living Lab (sustainability-focused projects)

The URI is pleased to support sustainability-focused research projects through the Campus as a Living Lab program. Campus as a Living Lab describes a collection of experiential learning opportunities linking learning, teaching, and research to the campus and broader community through sustainability-focused projects. These projects use the natural, social, and built environment of the campus as a testing ground to develop solutions to address sustainability goals on campus and beyond. 

Funding is available through URI to support undergraduate research projects advancing campus sustainability. These stipends are funded by Energy Management and Sustainable Operations, and are administered by URI.

Applications for Campus as a Living Lab projects submitted through the URI Stipend program will be reviewed for eligibility and adjudicated according to the URI Stipend criteria. Applications meeting these criteria for funding will then be shared with the University of Alberta Sustainability Council and Energy Management and Sustainable Operations for further adjudication.

Future Energy Systems

The URI is pleased to announce a new partnership with Future Energy Systems (FES), to provide targeted funding for eligible students to work with FES researchers. FES focuses on multidisciplinary research that develops the energy technologies of the near future, integrates them into today's infrastructure, and examines possible consequences for our society, economy, and environment.

In support of FES' goals to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in research, FES is sponsoring targeted Stipends for the following groups:

  • Women
  • Students with disabilities
  • First Nations, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) students

To be eligible for FES sponsored URI Stipends, applicants must self-identify with one or more of these groups, and have a primary supervisor who is, or is directly affiliated with, an FES Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI (e.g. graduate student, technical staff, post-doctoral fellow, etc.). The proposed project must align with the scope of the supervisor's FES funded project. Students and supervisors must also meet the basic eligibility requirements for the URI Stipend.

Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)-affiliated projects
Targeted funding is available through the URI Stipend for arts, social sciences and humanities projects supervised by current Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant-holders. Supervisors must indicate their SSHRC-holder status in the application form to be considered for this pool of funding (subject to verification by URI).
Val & Morley Blanch URI Stipend (ALES-affiliated projects)
Targeted funding is available through the Val & Morley Blanch Undergraduate Researcher Stipend for projects affiliated with the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (ALES). The student or supervisor must be affiliated with the Faculty of ALES and the project must align with ALES research themes.
Connie Varnhagen URI Stipend (first year students)
The Connie Varnhagen Undergraduate Researcher Stipend will be offered each year to the top-ranking URI Stipend applicant who is undertaking a mentored, interdisciplinary research project in the summer immediately following their first year of study at the University of Alberta.
Targeted funding for FNMI students
Targeted funding is available for First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) undergraduate students. To be eligible for this funding, students must be Status Indian/First Nations, Non-Status Indian/First Nations, Métis, or Inuit.  Applicants must indicate their status on the applicant
Targeted funding for projects related to Ukrainian studies or the Ukrainian experience in Canada or Internationally
Targeted funding is available through The Peter & Doris Kule Undergraduate Stipend for Ukrainian Studies Related Research. This partnership of the Kule Institute for Advanced Study and the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies will provide targeted funding for eligible students to engage with a research project related to Ukrainian studies or the Ukrainian experience in Canada or internationally.

Program Guide & Resources

Please review the program guide for detailed information about student and supervisor eligibility, award conditions, adjudication criteria, and application instructions. If you have any difficulty accessing the documents via the links below, please contact the URI office (uri@ualberta.ca).

Applications are accepted in English or French. Please submit only ONE application in your language of choice.

Please carefully review the Program Guide and Rubric prior to submitting your application, to ensure your application meets the criteria. Applicants are encouraged to attend a URI Stipend information session and/or contact URI to book an appointment for feedback on your application prior to applying.  

Participant Waiver

(required upon award acceptance for successful recipients)

As per University of Alberta risk management procedures, participants in the URI Stipend program will be asked, upon award acceptance, to review and sign the following participation waiver: 

The document you are asked to sign is a waiver and release of liability. The purposes of this document are to make you aware of the risks associated with this activity, to ask you to accept those risks, and to help you understand your responsibility in case of injury or property damage arising from your participation. This will allow you to make an informed choice about whether to participate. This is a legal document and, by signing it, you are giving up certain legal rights, including the right to sue should you be injured during participation. For more information about waivers, please visit the Insurance & Risk Management website: https://www.ualberta.ca/finance-procurement-planning/insurance/index.html 

Note: This waiver is only required for successful applicants at the time of award acceptance. The waiver does NOT need to be submitted with your application.  


The URI Stipend application must be submitted online. Paper or email applications will not be accepted. We recommend that students and supervisors complete the application using the offline template provided, then students submit the final, completed version through the Google Form. 

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