Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (FURCA) Awards

FURCA celebrates the talents of U of A students, providing a place for the sharing of ideas between students, faculty, and the broader community.

Each year, awards are given in several categories. As all awards are sponsor or donor-funded, the value & number of awards may vary each year depending on funding availability and the pool of eligible presenters.

Award Categories and Information

General Awards

Outstanding Communication
Recognizes students who are best able to communicate the results and impact of their research to an interdisciplinary audience. Note, this award is given out in each category of presentation (e.g. best poster, best oral presentation, etc.). Sponsored by the Students' Union and the Faculty of Science. 

Outstanding Interdisciplinary Research
Recognizes outstanding interdisciplinary research. The interdisciplinary aspects of the project may include (but are not limited to):

  • The student is doing research outside of his/her own discipline
  • The research makes effective use of interdisciplinary methods
  • The outcomes of the research are interdisciplinary in scope

Students must be able to clearly explain the interdisciplinary aspects of their project to the judges. Sponsored by the Faculty of Science.

Special Categories

Outstanding Creative Activity
Recognizes outstanding research in an artistic discipline, which includes one or a combination of: design, creative writing, visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, textiles), performing arts (dance, music, theatre), film, video, interdisciplinary arts, media and electronic arts, and new artistic practices. Note that students from any discipline are eligible for this award, provided their work qualifies as a creative activity. Sponsored by the Faculty of Arts.

Outstanding "Early Career" Research
Recognizes a 1st or 2nd-year student for outstanding research undertaken during his or her first year of study. Note: First-year students presenting work completed in high school are also eligible for this award. Sponsored by the Faculty of Science. 

Outstanding International Research
Recognizes outstanding research performed outside of Canada (e.g. international fieldwork, research-abroad experiences, etc.). Sponsored by University of Alberta International. 

Outstanding International Student Researcher
Recognizes outstanding research performed by an international student at the U of A. Sponsored by University of Alberta International. 

Outstanding Sustainability Research
The Sustainability Council is proud to recognize the top undergraduate researchers who are building a better world. The winning projects demonstrate an integrated approach that considers human and environmental factors in the challenges we face and the solutions we need. A panel convened by the Sustainability Council selects the top projects within this field for the award.

Outstanding Reconciliation Research 

Provided in support of outstanding research projects that align with the FURCA theme of undergraduate research during a time of reconciliation. Sponsored by the Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)

FURCA 2022 Award Recipients

Outstanding communication

Award Sponsor: Students’ Union, Faculty of Science

  1. Mycophenolate Exposure and Neutropenia in Pediatric Kidney Transplant Patients

Presenter: John Choi, Faculty: Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

  1. The role of sex and gender in concussion outcome differences among patients presenting to the emergency department: A mixed method project 

Presenter: Shaina Corrick, Faculty: Science

  1. Ethical evaluation of current carbon capture technologies 

Presenter: Dariya Sadovska, Faculty: Engineering

  1. Widespread Healthcare Avoidance Amongst Canadian Pilots: A Cross-Canada Survey Study

Presenter: Parth K. Patel, Faculty: Science


Presenter: Casey Wong, Faculty: Science

  1. International development or development of oneself? Volunteer tourism in the Global South and the effects of volunteers’ lack of prior experience on their motivations, impacts, and ability to critically reflect

Presenter: Brianna Longworth, Faculty: Arts

Outstanding Creative Activity

Award Sponsor: Faculty of Arts 

  1. Professional Identity Formation Supported Through Art: Pharmacy Students Perception of Pharmacists’ Roles Using the pSquare method

Presenter: Meghan Onushko, Faculty: Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

  1. White Oak and Mistletoe: A Structured Decision-Making Approach to Managing Parasitic Forests

Presenter: Nathan Bourque, Faculty: Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

Outstanding Early Career research

Award Sponsor: Faculty of Science 

  1. The dynamics of ATM localization following cellular stress

Presenter: Manav Batta, Faculty: Science

Outstanding Interdisciplinary Research

Award Sponsor: Faculty of Science 

  1. Bordering Climate Change: On The Gendered Impacts of Climate-Induced Displacement at the U.S.-Mexico Border 
Presenter: Abigail Isaac, Faculty: Arts

Outstanding International Student Researcher

Award Sponsor: University of Alberta International 

  1. Comparing proteome of wild type Methylomicrobium album BG8 vesicles other non-vesicle secreting methanotrophs and novel experimental approach for rescuing loss-of vesicle phenotype

Presenter: Liye Fang, Faculty: Science

  1. Convenient Metal-Free Synthesis of 3-Aryloxyphenols
Presenter: Bhawyanth Duvvuru, Faculty: Science

Outstanding Sustainability Research

Award Sponsor: Sustainability Council 

  1. Homelessness and Healthcare Access: Dismantling Barriers

Presenter: Bailey Brockman, Faculty: Arts

  1. Using culturally modified trees in Canadian legal contexts regarding Aboriginal title

Presenter: Maïlys Paccoud, Faculty: Arts

Outstanding Reconciliation Research

Award Sponsor: Sustainability Council 

  1. Repatriation of Indigenous Human Remains in Alberta: a Critique

Presenter: Juliette Bedard, Faculty: Arts

  1. Malagasy Speech Synthesis
Presenter: Tyler Schnoor, Faculty: Arts