Sharing Your Research

You've got exciting research results and you're ready to share them. Where can you present or publish your work? How can you make your research presentation shine? Whether you're a seasoned presenter or a first-timer, URI can help you put your best foot forward.

Resources for preparing your presentation or publication

Presentation opportunities

Opportunities at UAlberta

This is not an exhaustive list. Many Faculties and Departments run their own conferences for undergraduate students. Please consult with your supervisor or Faculty to learn more about opportunities within your Faculty.

ATLAS Symposium
Organized annually in Winter term by the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Students' Society; features an undergraduate poster session.

Richard E Peter Biology Conference
Held annually in winter term, open to senior undergraduates and graduate students in biological sciences

Royce Conference
Held annually in March; open to students or faculty in the Department of Psychology

Faculty of Nursing - Conferences
Held annually in July; poster session open to students in any Faculty who are participating in the Faculty of Nursing summer student series. Contact the Faculty of Nursing for more information.

Faculty of Science Summer Research Day
Held annually in August; open to students who have done summer research in the Faculty of Science. Consult the Faculty of Science for more information

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Summer Research Program Research Day
Held annually in October; open to students who have participated in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Summer Research Program.

Augustana Student Academic Conference
Held twice per academic year in December and April; open to students at Augustana who have participated in research or community service-learning projects.

Eureka Symposium
A research symposium for science students, hosted by the Eureka Undergraduate Science Journal.

Opportunities outside UAlberta
Undergraduate Research in Science Conference of Alberta
Hosted annual in April/May; location varies. Open to students in natural sciences & engineering (NSERC-eligible) disciplines. Contact URI in Winter term for updated information on dates/location for the current year's conference.

Publication opportunities


Spectrum, an interdisciplinary undergraduate journal, strives to publish diverse and engaging research completed by undergraduate students within and across the areas of health sciences, natural sciences and engineering, social sciences, arts and humanities. We will consider submissions in a variety of formats, provided that the work is driven by an underlying research question.

View the journal here.

Publications at UAlberta

Alberta Academic Review
A new multidisciplinary journal for graduate and undergraduate academic work, with a focus on work produced by students in Alberta.

Axis Mundi
A journal of religious studies run by graduate students, and open to submissions from students at all levels (undergraduate and graduate).

One of U of A's longest-running undergraduate journals, Constellations strives to provide a forum for young historians and classicists to have the experience of writing for an academic journal.

Compass is a new, student-run journal for undergraduate and graduate students in Anthropology.

Eureka is a student-founded and student-run initiative whose mission is to promote the world-class undergraduate research done in the Faculty of Science.

Invoke is a peer-reviewed undergraduate sociology journal. Submissions are not restricted to students in sociology; anyone doing research from a sociological perspective is invited to submit.

Political Science Undergraduate Review
Published annually in print by the Political Science Undergraduate Association.

URI's interdisciplinary undergraduate research journal.

The Human Geography and Planning Student Journal is a showcase of student work and research on topics surrounding human interaction with(in) urban and regional places

Crossings publishes written and media work by students in the fine arts, humanities and social sciences at the University of Alberta.

Publications outside UAlberta
Non-academic Publications

YouAlberta is the University of Alberta's official student life blog.

The Gateway
The Gateway is UAlberta's official student magazine.

The Wanderer Online
The Wanderer is a local Edmonton online publication.