Grant Recipients

In 2014, the Healthy Campus Unit launched the Unwind Your Mind Challenge at the Student Advisors' Conference to encourage faculties, departments, and services to host their own version of Unwind Your Mind. A special one-time activity grant was created with funding from Alberta Health to promote student wellbeing and positive mental health. Eligible ideas were related to self-care activities, personal skills and education, and/or creating supportive environments.

Some of our past grant recipients include:

  • Calm Zone
    • University of Alberta Augustana Campus

    The Calm Zone is a relaxation space set up within Augustana residences for all Augustana students. Students are encouraged to come into the space year round and use the resources, including games, wellness focused books, puzzles, a chalkboard wall, playdough, tactile manipulative toys, plants, sudoku books, and a sound machine to promote quiet, contemplative and active forms of wellness. Students may use the space or sign out items to use in their personal time.

  • Colour Me Happy
    • Counselling and Clinical Services

    Colour Me Happy is a large live team colouring contest for students. This is a one-time event hosted in a public space at the University of Alberta. Teams of 4-5 students will be given crayons and be asked to color a series of surprise pictures within a time limit. Judges will be present and small prizes will be given to student teams. The event is intended to encourage students to seek positive emotional experiences and use self-expression for stress reduction.

  • Exam De-Stress and Fun Room
    • Department of Civil Engineering

    Various activities were held at the NREF building to help engineering students that study in the space to de-stress. Yoga sessions were hosted, healthy snacks were given out and a designated classroom was set up to be a place to unwind. The "Fun Room" was stocked with board games, hula hoops, frisbees, footballs, and soccer balls for students to sign out and use.

  • Graduate Student Coffee Breaks
    • Graduate Students' Association

    The GSA aims to increase social engagement between graduate students through bi-weekly coffee breaks throughout the term. The coffee breaks are intended to get students out of their labs and offices and take a break from their work while interacting with other graduate students across campus. Snacks and beverages are provided, and conversation is encouraged within the space to give students a break from their research and promote mental well-being.

  • Off-campus Student Wellness
    • Department of Occupational Therapy (Calgary Cohort)

    Realizing that there was a need for accessible wellness and support programs for University of Alberta MScOT students in the Calgary cohort, the students received a grant to create their own wellness program. The program encompasses various activities throughout the semester to help students manage stress, and to create support network between students. Activities are organized weekly and include healthy snacks, yoga, pilates, team building activities, and games.

  • Relaxation Superstation
    • Campus Saint-Jean

    Campus Saint Jean brought the relaxation superstation to their campus to help students unwind during exam period. Relaxation Superstation is a student-run initiative that helps students take healthy breaks during exams. They offer massage chairs, tea and games to help students unwind.

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamps
    • University of Alberta Libraries

    Each library at the University of Alberta is now equipped with a "SAD Lamp" that can be signed out at the library service desk for students to use in the library. The initiative is aimed to diminish seasonal stress caused by lack of daylight during the winter months to hopefully make a positive impact on student success and well-being.

  • Sociology Midterm De-stress
    • Department of Sociology

    A stress reducing space set up at the Henry Marshall Tory Building will be available for students to use for a week in the middle of the Fall semester. The space will enhance wellness by providing couches for conversation, healthy snacks will be given out throughout the day for the entire week, stocked with helpful items such as resource information sheets, ear plugs, stress balls, relaxation music CDs and more. Students can access the space freely to de-stress, take a break, interact with others and have some healthy food.