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Research Executive Committee


The goal of the Research Executive Committee (REC) is to provide leadership, develop priorities, and programs that foster and promote novel and high quality research relevant to Medicine. The Department of Medicine's initial strategic planning areas under the umbrella of the REC includes the report recommendations from: Clinical Research Database Core and Research Hub. For more detailed information on the REC, please visit the DoM Governance page.

Planning Phase - COMPLETE

Implementation Milestone Status

Recommendations Currently Being Implemented % Complete
1. Include Research Database Development in Faculty Curriculum - CRDBC 85%
2. SPOR Program Communication - CRDBC 35%
3. Undertake 2nd Iterations of 2012 Research Questionnaire - Research Hub 95%
4. Enhance Research Information in Orientation Process - Research Hub 100%
5. Incorporate Research Specific Areas into the Faculty Curriculum - Research Hub 100%

Additional Recommendations for Future Implementation
6. Add Research Interests Section in the ARO for Search in FARM - CRDBC
7. Add the Search Function of FARM to Orientation and Communicate to All Faculty - CRDBC
8. Create Website Map for Research Information - Research Hub

CRDBC - Clinical Research Database Core

Contact Information

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis

Associate Chair, Research
Phone: 780-407-1576

François Bouman

Academic Department Manager
Phone: 780-492-1780