Effective September 24, 2018 the billing office for the Department of Medicine and Pediatrics will be moving from the University to an AHS facility downtown. You can use the inter-office Hospital Mail to send all AMHSP billings to our new address:

Medical Affairs - AMHSP
IBM Building 5th Floor

Staff Coverage and Contact Information:

Billing Analyst Division
Melanie Teplyske, Team Lead Neurology
Beverly Tuazon AMHSP: WCB
Preventive Medicine and Dermatology
Carolyn Melnyk Pulmonary, Geriatrics and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Cristina Anderson Nephrology
Sharon Mak Gastronterology
Summer Ammar Cardiology, Rheumatology and Endocrinology
Tracy Epp General Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and Hematology
Juvan Tabonda Clinical ARP: Palliative, Specialized Geriatrics  Services, Perinatology, Northeast Women’s Health, NECHC Child & Adolescent Health and University of Alberta Hospital Seniors Clinic 


Please send your queries to Melanie Teplyske or Marlene Young:

Melanie Teplyske
Team Lead
Provincial Professional Billing Office

Marlene Young
Director, Provincial Professional Billing Office
Phone: 403-506-3527