J. Charles "Chuck" Morrison Award

Every year the Department of Medicine invites nominations for the J. Charles "Chuck" Morrison Award for Administrative Staff.

This annual award was named in honour of the decades of service Chuck Morrison provided to the Department as Director of Administrative Services. It is designed to recognize the significant contributions office support staff make to the Department of Medicine.

The award is given to a member of the administrative staff (exclusive of senior management) who has made a significant contribution to the Department.

The winner of the J. Charles "Chuck" Morrison Award will be an individual who consistently demonstrates the following:

  • Contributing to a positive culture within the Department of Medicine
  • Bringing the best of themselves to work on a regular basis
  • Being a good ambassador for the Department of Medicine
  • Exceptional service to staff / co-workers / patients
  • An innovative and enthusiastic approach to work
  • Exceptional teamwork
  • Contributing to a healthy and positive work environment

Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by Department members, academic or non-academic.

In order to nominate an individual, follow the instructions on the Nomination Form. Note that a detailed letter of support is also required - please refer to the Award Criteria for further information.