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Refer a Patient

Single Point of Referral Triage

Welcome to SPORT, the Division of Gastroenterology’s referral process. We are very excited to show you our system of referring a patient to us. We are doing our very best to see as many patients as possible, but currently we are experiencing significant difficulties meeting the demands for outpatient referrals at the University Hospital. All referrals that we receive will be reviewed and triaged according to urgency. It is crucial that you provide us all the necessary information for us to assess your patients’ GI or liver problems appropriately and efficiently.

Please note that by sending us a referral does not necessarily mean that we will be able to accommodate every referral that we receive. We promise to do our very best at seeing as many patients as possible. There are 27 indications of why you might be referring a patient to us. If we do not receive the information from you that we require we will send the referral back to you for you to provide more information. This will delay our referral process. Please ensure that the following steps are followed to refer a patient to us. Thank you for your cooperation. .

For LUMINAL REFERRALS ONLY please fax to our Central Intake area at 780-492-9271.

For all LIVER REFERRALS please check our LIVER LINK for information about Liver physicians and their individual fax numbers.

Please direct any referral-related questions to SPORT by calling 780-248-1935.

Please choose the appropriate referral form.

Before proceeding please read the following important notes.

  • If a patient has previously seen by one of our Gastroenterologists for a similar or related problem within our Division; this should be noted on the referral.
  • If a patient has been seen for a similar or related problem by a different Gastroenterologist other than a Gastroenterologist at the University of Alberta (or physician performing endoscopies or surgeon) in the previous five years, the patient should be referred back to that physician.
  • It is recognized that because of changes in practice profiles, some physicians may no longer see patients for the problem they were seen before. Please state this and the referral can proceed.
  • At times patients may have a preference to see a different physician, for example because of personal-interaction difficulties. Clearly state this to be the case in the consult request.
  • If the patient is requesting a second opinion, this should also be clearly stated.
  • In the Edmonton zone we have excellent NetCare service available. It is our expectation that all relevant medical information that is available on NetCare, including information about previous evaluations by other Gastroenterologists has been reviewed by the referring physician.
  • Although it is recognized that many investigations such as blood work, results of endoscopic procedures or x-rays may be available on NetCare, at the moment to expedite triaging, we request that all relevant investigations, i.e., relevant blood work (for example a hemoglobin in patients with anemia), results of relevant x-rays, results of endoscopic procedures are attached to the referral.
  • As patients are often referred for endoscopic procedures, such as colonoscopy, it is very important that information is provided whether the patient is taking certain medications that could complicate the procedures such as blood thinners etc. Please be clear on the referral form that is provided below.

    Please note: The Alberta Colorectal Cancer Screening Program (ACRCSP) has recently been launched across the Province. Patients whom meet the eligibility criteria may be referred to this Program (formerly called SCOPE Program (Stop Colorectal Cancer through Prevention and Education) to avoid prolonged wait times. If the referring physician or patient being referred object to being referred to the ACRCSP it is imperative this information is clearly indicated in your referral.

Please understand that currently we are unable to accommodate all your requests for consultation, even if all the necessary documentation is provided. If you have a concern about the triaging, please contact our office at (780) 248-1935. Thank you for your cooperation with following our process, together we can work towards a more efficient process for the patients.