Liver Problems

To the right is a list of common reasons why patients may be referred. 

For Liver related referrals please forward your referral request to ONE of the following Hepatologists:

Due to our Central Referral Process please DO NOT send multiple referrals on the same patient as this may result in delay of your referral.

Hepatology Referral Form

J. Gonzalez-Abraldes

Fax: 780-492-9873

V. Bain

Fax: 780-492-8130

K. Gutfreund

Fax: 780-492-8143

M. Ma

Fax: 780-492-1440

A. Mason

Fax: 780-492-1655

A. Montano-Loza

Fax: 780-248-1895

P. Tandon

Fax: 780-492-9873

M. Wells

Fax: 780-492-1600

 W. Wong

Fax: 780-492-1600

 R. Bhanji

Fax: 780-248-1819