22 - Jaundice

GI Diagnostic Code Suggested Waiting Time / Priority Level Referral Information Requirements
  1. Jaundice

    (If suspicion of acute hepatitis see #18)
  • Duration
  • Symptoms (eg pain, fever, pruritus, stool/urine changes)
Essential Investigations Timing of essential investigation 
  • Liver enzymes: ALT, AST, Alk phos, GGT
  • Liver function: INR, PTT, Total/Direct bilirubin, Albumin
  • CBC, electrolytes, creatinine
  • US abdomen
  • 1 month
  • 1 month

  • 1 month
  • 1 month
If bilirubin elevation is less than 40 and mainly indirect bilirubin without other liver enzyme abnormalities Gilberts Syndrome should be considered. This is a benign condition of abnormal bilirubin conjugation and has no clinical consequences.

If bilirubin is isolated/unconjugated>50 do hemolysis workup and refer to hematology

Liver US: if there is biliary duct dilation refer to luminal GI, if no biliary tree dilation refer to hepatology

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