MSc Final Oral Examination

The examination should be conducted in accordance with Examination Procedures for Candidacy Examinations and Final Oral Examinations. The minimum size of a master's final examining committee is three and must include one arm's length examiner in addition to the supervisory committee. For detailed information on the Structure of Examining Committees please visit:

It is the supervisor's responsibility to arrange the date, time and place for the thesis examination.

The date and details of the examination must be provided to the FGSR on the Notice and Approval of Examining Committee & Examination Date form, which may be obtained from the Graduate Education Advisor. Please have these forms available for signature at least four weeks prior to the examination. Once you know the details of the Exam, please inform the Graduate Education Advisor so the necessary forms can be completed.

After the Exam, the supervisor must report the results of the thesis examination on the Thesis Approval/Program Completion form, which must be signed by the Graduate Coordinator or Department Chair. For more information on the decision of the Master's Final Examining Committee please visit:

Please refer to the FGSR website for further information: