PhD Candidacy

DoM Candidacy Examination Committee Composition

The PhD Candidacy Examination Committee consists of the supervisory committee, with the addition of two members that must be added for a total minimum of five members. There must be a minimum of three UofA Faculty Examiners and two Arm's Length Examiners. For more information on the eligibility criteria please click here.

There cannot be fewer UofA Faculty Examiners than non UofA Examiners on the Examining Committee. At least one of the added members must be from a department other than the Department of Medicine. All members of the candidacy examination committee must attend the examination.

The Candidacy Examination will be chaired by a full-time faculty member in the student's home department who is neither the supervisor, co-supervisor, nor a member of the supervisory committee. The Chair is normally the Graduate Coordinator(s) or a member of the Research Training Committee.

The Chair of the PhD Candidacy Examination will:

  • Ensure that the procedures outlined herein are followed
  • Conduct the examination
  • Ensure that the examination proceeds in a scholarly and impartial manner and may intervene at any time to facilitate this objective
  • Be active in the student's general area of research
  • Tenure track appointment
  • Hold a degree equivalent to the student's

All examination committee members' names must be submitted for approval to the FGSR, using the Notice of Examining Committee & Examination Date form.

Forms are available online from the FGSR website (under the Examining Committee heading) or from the the Department of Medicine's Graduate Program Advisor.