Program Extensions

Extensions are required for all continuing graduate students whose time limit to complete their program has been reached. MSc students must normally complete their program within 4 years. PhD students must normally complete their program within 6 years; in addition, PhD students must complete all program requirements, other than the thesis, within three years of the commencement of the degree program. Students whose time limit has been reached are not permitted to register until an extension to the program has been granted. Further details regarding program extensions can be found in the U of A Calendar here.

Program extensions are reviewed on an individual basis and may be granted in one-year increments. The application for the first program extension must be approved by the supervisor and the Graduate Coordinator of the Department of Medicine. Subsequent program extensions applications are first reviewed within the Department and then sent to FGSR with supporting documentation for approval. In order to apply for a program extension, please contact the Graduate Program Advisor or Graduate Coordinator.