Supervisory Committee

Supervisor/Supervisory Committee Composition

Master's candidates must have a supervisor. It is not an FGSR requirement to have a supervisory committee; however the Department of Medicine requires them.

For its MSc students, the Department of Medicine establishes supervisory committees similar in composition to the final oral examination committees described by the FGSR. Thus, the minimum thesis supervisory committee for an MSc student would usually include the supervisor (appointed during the admission process), and two other members. It is recommended that at least one member of the supervisory committee be from a department other than Medicine. The Committee is chaired by the supervisor, and its composition must be agreeable to both the supervisor and the student and be approved by the Department Chair/Graduate Coordinator and the FGSR (usually within one month of the student's commencement in the program. It is advised that supervisory committees be kept small, i.e. 3 members. The supervisory committee will form the basis of the examination committee.

Normally there is only one supervisor, but a student may require the appointment of more than one supervisor. To see the FGSR’s Eligibility Requirements for Appointment as a Supervisor, please visit:

Doctoral Supervisory Committee Composition

Each doctoral student's program shall be under the direction of a supervisory committee approved by the FGSR based on recommendations from the department. Before nominating the supervisory committee, ensure that eligibility criteria (, conflict of interest, and teleconferencing guidelines have been met.

Minimum three faculty members:

  • Where appropriate, one or more committee members may be from a department other than the student's home department.
  • The chair of the committee shall be the supervisor.
  • If there is more than one supervisor for a doctoral student, the supervisory committee will consist of the supervisors and an additional member if necessary.

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