About the Program

This graduate program teaches the Principles of Translational Medicine which embodies a process that brings a molecular discovery to actual patients and populations. As this process is based on research, the program will teach research concepts and methodology across all the pillars of translational research (preclinical, clinical, outcomes and health services). Our MSc in Medicine with Specialization in Translational Medicine program will use clinical cases in order to provide the framework for thinking and discussion around applied translational and disease-based research. The graduates of this program will understand how a molecular discovery eventually translates to a health service policy and treating patients. They will be well prepared to engage (or potentially lead) multidisciplinary translational programs across all four pillars of research. The program consists of a series of four offered consecutive courses/modules registered at the Faculty of Graduate Studies (MED602, MED 604, MED 606, MED 608). The program is open to all graduate students and residents across the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

Over a period of 2 years, there are 4 courses/modules (0.5 academic year each). Each course/module consists of one session a week (1 hour). Course/Modules:

  • MED 602 Translational Research Training Program, Module I (offered Fall 2021)
  • MED 604 Translational Research Training Program, Module II (offered Winter 2022)
  • MED 606 Translational Research Training Program, Module III (offered Fall 2022)
  • MED 608 Translational Research Training Program, Module IV (offered Winter 2023)

One can attend the courses to:

  1. Obtain a Masters of Science in Medicine with a Specialization in Translational Medicine: this will require:
    • Enrollment into the DoM graduate program
      *residents require a letter of support from their program director
    • Successful completion of 3 out of 4 courses/modules
    • + attendance of the program's 2 one day-retreats
    • + a Master's thesis
  2. Secure academic credits toward a MSc or PhD degree at the University of Alberta by completing one or more of these courses. (Residents not already enrolled in a program but would like to take the modules for credit must apply as an open studies student through the Office of the Registrar).
    • DoM graduate students and open studies students are required to contact the department for consent.
    • Graduate students and open studies students outside the DoM already enrolled in other MSc or PhD programs at the University, could enroll in the Translational Medicine courses/modules for academic credit by submitting:
    • Statement of Interest (one page)
    • CV
      *Note: A maximum of six units of course weight of a thesis-based student's program may be met through transfer credit.

Any inquiries regarding the program can be sent to eleni.karageorgos@ualberta.ca