Dr. Cesar Rodriguez Velez

In 2012 I was confronted with the need to decide on my professional future. My path was clear as I wanted a career devoted to the care of one of our most vulnerable population: the elderly.

However, there were many options to choose from and how would I reach my goal. I choose the University of Alberta - Geriatric Medicine Program. It was my best choice! It is a well-structured program, with core clinical rotations aimed to provide a balanced and diverse exposure to patients in many different settings.

The Geriatricians at the University of Alberta come from many different backgrounds and a multitude of interests, which makes for a very enjoyable, supportive, and nurturing environment. I am proud that I could say that I completed my fellowship training in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Alberta!

Dr. Frances Carr

Like so many residents, prior to my elective in Edmonton, I really did not know much the city, let alone its geriatric programme.

However, even after shortly arriving for an elective, I was struck by the friendliness and size of the geriatric department and this was before I had chance to experience any clinical work!

Edmonton has a wide variety of geriatric resources and opportunities available to the budding geriatrician. These range from inpatient experiences on one of our two ACE units, working with the geriatric psychiatry or rehab team at the Glenrose Rehabilitation hospital to delving into some of the community resources available, i.e. CHOICE. In addition, we also have strong connections with the care of the elderly programme with whom scheduled weekly teaching is held along with frequent partnerships together on several rotations. Another consideration is that there are jobs available at the end of the fellowship which is an important consideration nowadays.

Therefore, even if Edmonton was not on your list of choices, consider it now! I took a gamble and have never looked back since!