Department of Medicine

Tenure Track Promotions

Assistant Professor Third Year Review

A newly appointed Faculty member will normally be given a probationary appointment as an Assistant Professor for two successive probation periods.  The first probationary period is 4 years from your date of employment and the second probationary period is an additional 2 years for a total of 6 years.

During the third year of the initial appointment, the faculty member is required to submit a promotion application for review by the Department's Academic Evaluation Committee (AEC). The AEC will provide feedback to the faculty member to strengthen his/her materials. The Third Year Review functions as a "practice" tenure hearing.

Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Faculty members employed under the AASUA - Faculty Agreement can be granted Tenure with promotion to Associate Professor, which may be considered anytime after the conclusion of the first probationary period (four years) and is normally considered in the final twelve months of the second probationary period (two years).  Faculty members will be evaluated according to their job description and the criteria outlined in PART 1, Section C of the Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC) Guidelines.  A decision regarding tenure and promotion to Associate Professor is made by FEC after consideration of the recommendation by the Department Chair

Promotion to Professor

Promotion to Professor is an important but not automatic nor mandatory step in an academic career.  A long-term career as an Associate Professor is an acceptable and appropriate career path for many academics. Promotion to Professor represents recognition of special merit.  Each candidate will normally have achieved national and/or international recognition as a leader in his/her chosen area of expertise as a teacher, researcher/scholar, administrator or scholarly clinician.  The faculty member will have met the performance standards outlined in PART 1, Section C of the FEC Guidelines.

Academic Evaluation Committee

In order to help ensure your success in your career progression, the Department of Medicine Academic Evaluation Committee (AEC) meets with the Chair in April to review promotion packages.  Subsequently, faculty members receive written feedback to allow the opportunity to make any necessary changes to their promotion package prior to its submission to FEC.