Faculty Affairs

Career Development

The Department of Medicine believes it has a duty to provide an optimal environment for the professional and personal growth of its faculty members. This includes providing, within its capacity, the knowledge, resources and support for faculty to discharge their academic responsibilities and fulfill their maximum potential.


"The goal of our program is to create an educational and scientific environment where there is freedom of expression with balanced risk-taking and self-examination encouraging growth in all three spheres of CD - professional, personal and institutional". (L.J. Miedzinski MD, P.W. Armstrong MD and J.C. Morrison MA, Annals RCPSC, Vol 34, number 6, September 2001).


The Career Development program evolved from a 1996 Departmental planning event and after a Career Development Needs Survey.

There is a Director (Dr. William Dafoe), a Career Development Officer (Mr. Chuck Morrison), a Mentorship program Director (Dr. Winnie Wong), and a Career Development Advisory Committee consisting of appointed and elected faculty members.

Among its resources are:

  • a mentorship program for new faculty
  • the "Evolving Professional Series" of leadership development modules
  • opportunities for mini-sabbaticals
  • a Fund to assist faculty with self defined career development initiatives
  • promotion workshops
  • family-oriented events
  • award programs​