Department of Medicine

HR Vision, Mission, Values, Guiding Principles

HR Vision

Human Resources is a model of excellence that leads through specialized knowledge, serves through best practices, and partners in respectful collaboration in support of the university’s vision to be one of the world’s great universities.

HR Mission

Collaboratively work with our partners by promoting dialogue and demonstrating professionalism in our service and leadership and words and actions so that together we can achieve the best human resources solutions.

HR Values

These essential values define the way we engage with one another across the university to provide consistent, reliable and compliant resolutions.

Integrity: We are honest, sincere and worthy of trust.

Well-being: We treat each other fairly and respectfully. We work in a healthy environment and support each other in maintaining work-life balance and developing the resilience to deal with change.

Innovation: We embrace new and better ways of achieving excellence.

Accountability: We have clear, reasonable expectations for performance and are accountable for meeting those expectations.

Growth: We seek and take advantage of opportunities to develop our skills and abilities and for career growth and change.

Teamwork: We work collaboratively to achieve the university’s goals in an environment that reflects diversity, values different perspectives, and encourages the free exchange of ideas.

Engagement: We participate fully in life at the university. We seek to understand how and why decisions are made. We seek input from all levels of the organization and take advantage of opportunities for input into decisions that affect us.

HR Guiding Principles

Integrating the vision and values for our work and learning environment into all university practices

  • Creating conditions that inspire all employees to contribute to their full potential
  • Meeting collective agreement, legal and ethical responsibilities
  • Contributing to a safe, healthy, productive work environment
  • Embracing and creating best practices in all areas of human resource management
  • Ensuring fair, equitable and consistent terms and conditions of employment for all staff
  • Maintaining a respectful, collaborative, problem solving relationship between the university and the associations representing faculty and staff