Department of Medicine

Thomas J Marrie Mentorship Award

The Department of Medicine wishes to recognize a faculty member who best exemplifies the following criteria (qualities of a Mentor):

  1. A role model of personal and professional integrity.
  2. A generous and nurturing guide who inspires, supports and coaches personal and professional growth.
  3. An individual committed to life-long learning and sharing of new knowledge.
  4. A leader, defining the vision towards which faculty members should aim, challenging the mentee to excel.
  5. An individual who contributes to career development in the Department either via personal mentorship, format or program development or research in the realm of faculty development.

Terms of Reference

  • Any member of the Department of Medicine may nominate any faculty member (academic or clinical) in the Department of Medicine for this annual award.
  • Nominations must be submitted to the Academic Development Officer by March 15th.
  • The award will not be given to any individual more than once in any five-year period.
  • Those nominated in previous years who did not receive the award will be considered in subsequent years.
  • Nominations will be adjudicated by the Faculty Affairs Council. Members of the Faculty Affairs Council who are nominated for the award will not be included in the voting process nor in any Council discussion regarding the nominees.
  • The winner will be recognized at the Department’s Annual Celebration Dinner.

Nominations must include:

The nomination form as well as a signed nomination letter, describing the qualities of the nominee that make him/her an outstanding mentor, in relation to the criteria above.