Clinical Staff

The Department of Medicine values its relationship with Clinical Faculty and recognizes the indispensible contribution they make to the academic mission, especially through teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students, but also through clinical research, administration, and service to the profession.

To support your work with the Department of Medicine, the University of Alberta has made the following available to you:

  1. You will receive an Employee Identification number, email, Campus Computing ID (CCID) and password from the department Create Person Administrator. For more information on the information listed below, please go to the University of Alberta Information Services & Technology (IST) website.
    1. Academic Information & Communication Technologies (AICT) help
    2. Secure email account and technical support from Med IT
    3. Access to general-purpose logon computers, university computer labs & networks
    4. Access to large-scale color printers 7 laminators for production of teaching aids & posters
    5. Entitlement to a secondary computing ID (CCID) to be used for university purposes
  2. Issuance of a University ONEcard
    1. Library privileges
    2. Access to Physical Education facilities upon payment of an annual user fee
  3. Eligibility for University parking with rates as defined by the Parking Service Fee Structure
  4. Eligibility for membership in the Faculty Club Member
  5. Criteria for promotion and eligibility for a teaching stipend

Thank you for your contributions and welcome to the Department of Medicine.