Our group is active in several areas of investigator-initiated and multicentre clinical research. A major interest is magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and spectroscopy, done in collaboration with the MR Research Centre at the University of Alberta. Another major focus is to evaluate gait and balance changes in PD, along with the MR imaging analysis. Current gait related research projects including projects in gait and overall cognition, and the Ambulosono study (music as feedback for walking quality). We are leading the large Canadian Consortium on Neurodegenerative Disease Study.

Currently we are enrolling patients in Outpatient Palliative Care Improve Patient Reported Outcomes in Parkinson's Disease, Decisional Capacity for Goals of Care in Parkinson's Disease and an upcoming Hope based group therapy for newly diagnosed people with Parkinson's disease.

We have been active in the Parkinson Study Group since 1997, participating in numerous studies including REAL-PD, ELLDOPA, TEMPO, PRESTO, PRECEPT, postCEPT, PROGENI, and QE3. We are currently involved in Duodopa study and Tozadenant study for motor fluctuations. We are also actively involved in Huntington's study group.

In the area of DBS, we are involved in research to investigate how cortico-spinal reflex changes under the influence of parkinson medication and DBS. We also use a computer-based tool to assess patients' decision making in DBS for Parkinson's disease and analyze the outcomes.