Department of Medicine

Chair's Signature Process

Department of Medicine Administrative Services is committed to facilitating your grant application in a timely, efficient manner, as illustrated below. Please note: if the grant application requires changes, turnaround times will be affected.

How to Submit:

A full application is submitted to Department of Medicine (DoM) Office of Research for review, along with the new request for application/proposal signature page via the Researcher Home Page. For instructions, please refer to the Quick Reference Guide.

  • The pre-supplementary signature page is no longer in use. Co-PIs and co-applicants are to be directly entered in the UofA signature page. All UofA co-PIs and co-applicants must sign the UofA signature page regardless of which department they are affiliated with.
  • DoM cannot interface with online applications such as CIHR; signature pages and supporting documentation must be printed off and submitted to the Office of Research)

The DoM Office of Research conducts administrative review (one to two day turnaround)

Chair signs grant application

A representative from DoM Office of Research will submit the application to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) Office of Research, 2-13 HMRC for review and signature (one to two day turnaround time). The PI will be notified via e-mail once the grant has been dropped off to the FoMD Office of Research for signing

A representative from the FoMD Office of Research will contact the PI to retrieve the grant to email to the Research Services Office for review and signature (five day turnaround time). Please prepare an email with the Subject Line: RESXXXXXXX, PI Name and Application (e.g. RES0036591, Dr. John Smith, CIHR Open Operating Grant). Attach the completed signed request form and signature page(s) to the email

Send your email to the assigned mailbox,

The principal investigator is contacted once the application has been approved for submission to the sponsor.

For applications that require original signatures to be submitted to the sponsor, the original copies will need to be dropped off and picked up at the RSO Reception, 2-22 Campus Tower, once faculty signature is obtained.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the DoM Office of Research at