Chair's Signature Process

Department of Medicine Administrative Services is committed to facilitating your grant application in a timely, efficient manner, as illustrated below. Please note: if the grant application requires changes, turnaround times will be affected.

How to Submit:

All signatures for new applications/proposals requests are done electronically via the Researcher Home Page. For instructions, please refer to the Quick Reference Guide.

The DoM Office of Research conducts an administrative review and then the chair signs grant applications (one to two business-day turnaround)

Sponsor Signature Page

In order for the Chair to sign the sponsor's signature page, a copy of your application must be uploaded into the Researcher Home Page, and then circulate the sponsor's signature page with the following information:

  • Principal Investigator's full name
  • Title of project
  • RES#
  • Pick up contact name, number and email address

If you do not have your application uploaded into the Researcher Home Page, you must attach a hard copy of your application to the sponsor's signature page when circulating for signatures.