Postdoctoral Fellows - Objectives / Requirements


It is recognized that trainee's objectives and skills vary widely.

The Research Training Program of the Department of Medicine requires that training objectives be formalized between the supervisor and trainee, written down as part of the postdoctoral contract, and revisited and evaluated on a regular basis by the supervisor and trainee.

Objectives may include: publications, presentation and/or attendance at research conferences, workshops, professional development (be specific: writing skills, time management, teaching, etc.), preparation of applications for funding, teaching (graduate students, undergraduate, or one-on-one).


The Department of Medicine Postdoctoral Research Fellowship program has several requirements:

  1. Research Outputs: Demonstrate research outputs such as abstracts, presentations, manuscripts (published or submitted for publication)
  2. Funding Application(s): Application for peer-reviewed funding (salary support, scholarships, grants). Success in obtaining of funding is nice, but not required, it is learning the application process which is the most important.
  3. Knowledge transmission: Scholars must be able to impart their knowledge to others. This may take the form of mentoring a junior colleague, teaching of laboratory or clinical research skills to a colleague/student(s), formal undergraduate or graduate course-based teaching, or speaking to the public.

Individuals not meeting these standards will not receive a Department of Medicine Postdoctoral Fellowship Certificate. The responsibility for meeting these objectives lies with the supervisor and the trainee.