Postdoctoral Fellows - Stipend

Postdoctoral Fellow Minimum Stipend

Effective September 1, 2017, the minimum stipend is $37 795.86.

This minimum is equal to 1.5x the total minimum stipend for doctoral students (see appendix B of the 2016-2018 Graduate Student Assistantship Collective Agreement).

Cost of Supplemental Benefits and Deductions

Effective July 01, 2017, the yearly cost of supplemental benefits is $707.16 for single coverage or $2 040.12 for family coverage.

For 2019 the PDAP (Postdoctoral Fellows Assistance Program) is $8.26 per month.

For 2018, WCB (Workers Compensation Board) is $0.21/$100 of assessable earnings.

Where postdoctoral fellows are considered employees, the employee and employer-paid 2019 Deduction Rates for CPP and EI apply.