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For Principal Investigators

RSO: November 28
Sponsor: Dec 5
Burroughs Wellcome Fund: Next-gen pregnancy initiative
The initiative is designed to stimulate both creative individual scientists and multi-investigator teams to approach healthy and adverse pregnancy outcomes using creative basic and translational scientific research methods.
Pre-application: Nov 29
RSO: Mar 13

Sponsor: Mar 20
Brain Canada Foundation: Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research
This Program encourages innovative, unorthodox, and exploratory research that may be in the early and conceptual stages of project development but has potential for significant impact on our understanding of the brain.

Sponsor: Nov 30

Previous date:
RSO: November 23

CHS: Dream of a Cure Research Program
The Canadian Hemophilia Society invites applicants to apply for basic scientific research grants in fields relevant to hemophilia A and B, von Willebrand disease, rare factor deficiencies, platelet function disorders (and platelet pathophysiology) and other congenital and acquired bleeding disorders.


Sponsor: Nov 30

Previous date:
RSO: November 23
CHS: NOVO Nordisk Psychosocial Research Program
The Canadian Hemophilia Society – Novo Nordisk Canada Psychosocial Research Program was created to engage professionals/graduate students from the allied health disciplines (i.e., Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Social Work) in research activities addressed to understanding the psychosocial impact of hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders and to improve the quality of life of persons and families whose lives are affected by these disorders.


Pre-application: Nov 30
RSO: Apr 11

Sponsor: Apr 18
Heart & Stroke: Research Networks of Excellence
Two new research networks in Canada will be established, each receiving $5M in funding over five years, to better understand women’s risk factors for heart and brain conditions and to improve diagnosis and treatment of conditions more common among women or less well studied.
NOI: Dec 1

DoM Internal Review for CIHR Project Grant Spring 2024 Competition
Researchers who will be (or are considering) applying to this competition should notify the DoM Office of Research of their intent to apply via email to Jay Babiak, Grants Facilitator, no later than Friday, December 1st, 2023.

Place in the subject line: Notice of Intent to Apply CIHR Project Grant Spring 2024_{Your Name}.
For more information.


Sponsor: Dec 4

Previous Date:
RSO: Nov 27

American College of Gastroenterology Clinical Research Awards
The ACG Clinical Research Awards program is to fund innovative patient-oriented research. While research that explores mechanisms of human disease is highly encouraged, the research projects should be translational in nature, with direct applicability to clinical care. Award is $50,000 for one year.

Sponsor: Dec 4

Previous Date:
RSO: Nov 27

American College of Gastroenterology Junior Faculty Development Grant
To assist promising clinical researchers in developing research careers that have a direct bearing on clinical gastrointestinal practice. This includes assistance to a junior faculty investigator to ensure that a major portion of the investigator's time is protected for research. This grant is designed to support research that is principally focused on digestive or liver diseases. Award is $450,000 for three years.
LOI: December 7
RSO: March 21
Sponsor: Mar 28
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Specialized Center of Research (SCOR) Program
A major emphasis in the SCOR grant program is on clinical translation of scientific results. Ideally, a SCOR application will propose a combination of basic and translational laboratory research that will lead to eventual clinical translation.
 December 15
David Cook Award
This award recognizes an FoMD faculty member (or a group of FoMD members) who has successfully planned and implemented a significant curricular innovation. Open to all levels of GFT, Clinical faculty members, and FSO faculty members and may be seen as a part of the pathway to national or international recognition.
 December 15
E. N. Skakun Award for Service to Education
This award recognizes the achievements of an individual who has made a major and long-term contribution to the educational leadership and scholarship in the FoMD.
Pre-application: Jan 3, 2024
RSO: Jan 3
Sponsor: Jan 10
Generating Knowledge and tools to Promote Remyelination and Neuroprotection in Multiple Sclerosis
This funding by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society supports research that addresses gaps in our knowledge of the underlying biology of CNS remyelination in MS, the factors or processes that modulate this process, and methods to measure remyelination. Additionally, research into neuroprotective mechanisms with the potential to prolong neuronal viability for remyelination is encouraged. Funding is up to $1M USD for up to 3 years.

RSO: Feb 26
Sponsor: Mar 4

Previous date:
Pre-application: Sept 29

LLS Discovery Grant Program
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Discovery Grant Program is a research award program designed to encourage basic research, technological innovation, and informatics pipeline development. Also known as the Blood Cancer Discoveries Grant Program, it hopes to gain better understanding of blood cancer disease mechanisms, to help develop improved methods for detecting and monitoring cancer progression, and to help identify novel therapeutic targets.


Pre-application: Mar 8
RSO: Mar 29
Sponsor: Apr 5

Canadian Initiative for Outcomes in Rheumatology cAre (CIORA)
CIORA is a unique granting organization committed to being a catalyst for improving the care of Canadians living with all rheumatic diseases. CIORA's grant program supports sustainable projects related to rheumatic diseases that promote: awareness/advocacy/education; early access for rheumatic disease patients; and multidisciplinary care teams.

RSO: Aug 29, 2024
Sponsor: Sept 5, 2024

Previous dates:
RAS: Oct 17
Pre-application: Oct 24

Tri-Agency Institutional Programs Secretariat: New Frontiers in Research Fund - Transformation Competition
The objective of the Transformation stream is to support large-scale, Canadian-led interdisciplinary research projects that address a major challenge with the potential to realize real and lasting change. The challenge may be fundamental, leading to a scientific breakthrough, or applied, with a social, economic, environmental or health impact. Projects are expected to be world-leading, drawing on global research expertise, when relevant. 


For Trainees


Sponsor: Nov 15

Previous dates:
RSO: November 8

CRVI: Cote Biomedical Research Studentship
Two awards are being offered and will be awarded based on scientific merit and relevance to building knowledge, innovation or advancement of clinical practice that ultimately may reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.


DoM Research: Nov 20
Sponsor: Mar 31, 2024

China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship for PhD and Visiting PhD students & Postdoctoral Fellows
Update: Principal investigators may not be required to pay the difference between CSC and the required funding for a PDF.  This does not apply to PhD students and PhD Visitors.

If you are interested in recruiting a CSC PhD and/or PDF candidate, email Jay Babiak, Grants Facilitator, Department of Medicine, with the following:

  • Full Name and Division
  • Preference of Trainee: PhD, PDF or both
  • Area of Research
  • Source of research funding to cover minimum stipend rates and potential additional costs for CSC trainees
More information on the CSC funding, application process, and timelines can be found at:
CSC Information for Professors and CSC Information for Prospective Students.

RSO: Nov 23
Sponsor: Nov 30
CHS: Summer Studentships in IBD Research
The Canadian Hemophilia Society will award $6,000 stipends to interested Canadian Medical or Science students to work for up to 4 months during the Summer of 2024 on a research project relevant to inherited bleeding disorders.


Sponsor: Nov 30
CHS: Summer Studentships in IBD Research
The Canadian Hemophilia Society will award $6,000 stipends to interested Canadian Medical or Science students to work for up to 4 months during the Summer of 2024 on a research project relevant to inherited bleeding disorders.


RSO: Mar 22, 2024
Sponsor: Mar 29

Previous dates:
LOI Sponsor: Nov 17


University Hospital Foundation: Kaye Competition
A program to support innovative projects designed to benefit patients of the Kaye Edmonton Clinic and the University of Alberta Hospital.