Ballermann Translational Research Fellowship Award

Dr. Barbara Ballermann

Dr. Ballermann continues to maintain an active role as a biomedical researcher and as a teacher of Clinical Medicine, Renal Physiology and Pathophysiology. Dr. Ballermann has held independent research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the American Heart Association, the National Kidney Foundation (USA), and since her return to Canada from the CIHR, NSERC, the Kidney Foundation of Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Over the years, Dr. Ballermann has been recognized by several awards, including the Young Scholar Award from the American Society of Hypertension, the Established Investigator Award from the American Heart Association, and a Canada Research Chair in Endothelial Cell Biology. She was also elected to membership of the American Society for Clinical Investigation, the Interurban Clinical Club, and most recently the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

Terms of Reference and Application Process

Award Overview

The purpose of this fellowship award is to provide a trainee from the Department of Medicine for dedicated research (basic and clinical) done within the Department a stipend towards their salary here at the University of Alberta.


Residents, Subspecialty Residents, Clinical/Research Fellows, Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows from the Department of Medicine who are engaged in research (basic or clinical).

To apply for this competition, the trainee must:

  • Be registered in a residency, subspecialty residency, clinical/research fellow, graduate or postdoctoral fellow program within the Department of Medicine
  • Be first author on a published paper in a previous or on-going year with a PubMed ID number or an 'in press" status confirmed by the journal.
  • Provide a complete application form with a 1-page summary on the research importance

Both the trainee and mentor must be affiliated with the Department of Medicine. Trainees may hold this grant once per eligible training program type. Funding is non-transferable.

All awardees are expected to remain compliant with the general policies and conditions governing this award.

Award Details

The value of the Ballermann Translational Research Fellowship Award is up to a total maximum of $24,500.

Part 1: $500 is awarded directly to the trainee.

Part 2: $24,000 is for the trainee's salary, benefits and employer statutory deductions.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor and/or awardee to inform the DoM if they receive another award. DoM awardees are required to accept alternate funding. Top-up and incentive funding are available under this program and these policies will be applied to DoM awardees holding another qualifying award.

Top-up funding provides awardees holding another (external or internal) stipend below the value of the DoM award, with funding that brings them to the same level as fully-funded DoM award.

Incentive funding provides awardees holding another (external or internal) stipend above or equal to the value of the DoM award with a salary incentive of $4000.00. Incentive funding will be issued as a one-time payment within the timeframe noted on the offer letter.

Awards valued at $12,000 and over will be paid in equal semi-monthly or monthly installments in accordance to payroll operations over a 12-month period. Subject to University of Alberta hiring policy, fellowship awards consist of a stipend and may be paid as a scholarship and may not be subject to Income Tax Act and Regulations with the Government of Canada. The value of the Ballermann Translational Research Fellowship Award is up to $24,000 per annum. Successful applicants must implement this award on June 1 of the award year.

All DoM awards are tenable at the University of Alberta.

Any unused funds will return to the Department.


A complete application form must be submitted with the requested supporting documentation.

Applications that are either: i) incomplete, or ii) non-compliant with the program guidelines and/or application instructions may not be forwarded for review/funding consideration.

The competition is now closed.

Review Process

All applications are evaluated by the DoM Research Executive Committee.

Competition Results

Official result letters and competition feedback will be emailed to the applicant and their supervisor with the application outcome.

Award Implementation and Acceptance

The award must be accepted and account requirements complete in accordance with the timelines stipulated on the formal offer of award letter. Implementation requirements include completion of the account set-up requirements according to the RSO guidelines to facilitate DoM's reception of an advice notice.


Research funded through this program must be presented at the DoM Research Day.

The trainee and supervisor must complete and submit a progress report within one month of the termination or completion of an award. This report should include a summary of the research conducted during the training and significance of the results and list any publications.

Award Termination

The DoM reserves the right to terminate any award if the conditions of the award are not met, or if there is evidence of unsatisfactory progress. The applicant and/or preceptor must immediately notify the DoM of any changes that may affect continued eligibility to hold the award. This includes, but is not limited to, changes in employment status and leave of absences.