Change of Category

Those requesting a change of category from MSc to PhD are required to submit a MSc Change to PhD Application Package to the Graduate Coordinator(s) along with the "Recommendation for Change of Category or Academic Standing" form which can be obtained from the FGSR at: 
or from the Education Advisor.

Change of Category Requirements

  1. For current MSc students in the Department of Medicine:
    • A minimum of 2 Master’s courses must be completed before transferring
    • The student will have a minimum GPA of 3.0. This GPA will be based on at least two courses completed in their Master’s program
    • Must have spent a minimum of one full year in their Master’s program with satisfactory performance
  2. For current MSc students NOT in the Department of Medicine:
    • One year of a Master’s program must be completed in the Department of Medicine before they are eligible to apply for a Change of Category and all the conditions listed above are met.

The MSc Change to PhD Application Package consists of the following:

  1. Student's academic transcripts
  2. Record of courses taken, course in progress and courses proposed in the PhD program.
  3. Supervisor's source of research funding, including agency name, duration and amount and/or student's source of personal funding, including agency name, duration and amount.
  4. Proposed timeline of the PhD Program, including the proposed project's contribution to science and medicine and a list of any publications.
  5. The supervisory committee's statement confirming the scope, rigor, relevance and quality of the research project with a sign off page attached indicating approval of the proposal by supervisor and supervisory committee members.