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Postdoctoral Fellows Appointing and Reappointment Process

Important Changes

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recently announced changes to the International Mobility Program (IMP) effective February 21, 2015. The vast majority of foreign nationals who visit and/or perform research or work temporarily with UAlberta enter Canada under this program. Please visit the immigration webpage on the Human Resource Services website for the most up to date information.

Appointing/Reappointing a Postdoctoral Fellow

If you would like to appoint or reappoint a postdoctoral fellow who is a foreign national, please use your CCID to login and complete the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment form.

For details on how to use this new IMMIGRATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, refer to the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment User Guide and Tips sheet.

This online form gathers information about the Postdoctoral Fellow. Please note that a speed code and account number is required so that the $230.00 compliance fee implemented by Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) can be processed.

Once submitted, Immigration Services will review and assess the submission to determine the appropriate immigration category. If it falls under Citizenship & Immigration Canada’s (CIC) International Mobility Program, Immigration Services will then submit the required forms and payment to CIC. Once a response is received from CIC, Immigration Services will contact the host with further instructions.

As per the Immigration & Refugee Protection Act, any person providing advice to foreign nationals regarding immigration requirements or processes must be a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), or a member in good standing with a provincial law society. This means that without this accreditation, department administrative staff or faculty members are prohibited by law from providing any immigration-related advice or representation to foreign nationals. HRS has two RCICs on staff who are required to assess all potential visitor applications before they are submitted to CIC for approval

If you would like to appoint or reappoint a postdoctoral fellow who is a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, please contact the Graduate Education Office (

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