Requirements for Successful Completion of a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

The Department of Medicine Postdoctoral Research Fellowship program has several requirements:

  1. Research Outputs: Demonstrate research outputs such as abstracts, presentations, manuscripts (published or submitted for publication)
  2. Funding Application(s): Application for peer-reviewed funding (salary support, scholarships, grants). Success in obtaining of funding is nice, but not required, it is learning the application process which is the most important.
  3. Knowledge transmission: Scholars must be able to impart their knowledge to others. This may take the form of mentoring a junior colleague, teaching of laboratory or clinical research skills to a colleague/student(s), formal undergraduate or graduate course-based teaching, or speaking to the public.

Individuals not meeting these standards will not receive a Department of Medicine Postdoctoral Fellowship Certificate. The responsibility for meeting these objectives lies with the supervisor and the trainee.