Fraud or Irregularity

Report a Suspected Fraud or Irregularity 

Internal Audit Services and the Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights both are here to help guide you through the process. Our offices are a committed resource for those wishing to confidentially disclosure these types of allegations. To report fraud or regularity, file an online report using the Online Reporting Tool.

All Disclosure Services staff members always take the necessary measures to ensure that the identity of those raising allegations, and of those against whom such allegations are made, is kept confidential. Confidentiality, however, is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP). Confidentiality may be compromised as a result of subsequent litigation.  For more information on our privacy and confidentiality policy please see here

What is Fraud? 

Fraud is a deliberate and/or unlawful deception, misrepresentation or concealment of facts practiced to secure advantage, benefit or gain and/or to cause loss to another. Some common examples of fraud (including fraud that may benefit the University of Alberta) are listed below.

  • Travel expense claims used for personal reasons
  • Fraudulent overtime claims
  • Undeclared conflicts of interest
  • Misuse of grant funds or department financials

The University of Alberta (U of Alberta) is committed to high standards of ethics, conduct and fiduciary responsibility. All forms of fraud (including fraud that benefits the U of Alberta) will not be tolerated. The U of Alberta must be given the opportunity to investigate any suspected instance of fraud or irregularity.