Research Misconduct

Responsible Conduct of Research

The University of Alberta is committed to protecting the rights and safety of research subjects as well assuring research integrity and compliance. Many university policies, procedures and units aim to support and promote the responsible and ethical conduct of research. Some examples of risky conduct are:

  • Consent not being obtained or is not free and informed
  • Subjects being coerced or pressured into participating in research
  • Study related procedures being conducted prior to ethics approval
  • Inaccuracy of data due to inadequate practices, processes or resources
  • Manipulating or fabricating data
  • Failing to report safety concerns
  • Non-compliance with approved protocols, policies and legislation
  • The risks or costs of conducting research outweigh the benefits
  • Conducting research with no scientific merit

For more information including all applicable policies, procedures and contacts, please see QMCR'S website

How to Make a Report

To make a disclosure or complaint related to harassment or bullying, contact Wade King by email at  or telephone at 780.492.7325 . Alternatively, you can file an online report using the Online Reporting Tool.