Technical Theatre

Four technical theatre specialists: Larry Clark (Technical Director), Jon Price (set construction, lighting and audio), John Raymond (stage management and production management), and Gerry van Hezewyk (Production Manager) make valuable contributions to technical theatre practices, theories and methodologies. 

Key contacts:

Larry CLARK 

After touring and performing with every avenue of live performance Larry is passionate about collaboration and adept at assessing the feasibility of designs. He promotes the position that technical production is part of theatre creation and is not an “off the shelf” product.

Research in the development of automated technology for the stage with emphasis on innovation in rigging design and integration of current and proven safe techniques in lighting, video, sound and stage mechanics in live performance. He also devotes time and energy into developing and adapting sustainable processes for theatre production.

Dissolving the rift between performers, designers and technicians for the advancement of the final production is the mission and safe, repeatable events are the mandate.

Primary Teaching Areas: Production Crew, Technical Production. Graduate Supervision.


Research centred in new approaches to and furthering the application of engineering to set construction. Particular interest in stage mechanics and new automation techniques for theatre production. Currently investigating sustainable production techniques for the theatre. 

Primary Teaching Areas: Technical Theatre, Stagecraft, Production Crew. 


Research is situated in the exploration and development of the stage manager’s role in a theatrical production. Formulating tools for extending the communication between the director, the actor and the stage manager within the context of rehearsal and performance. 

Primary Teaching Areas:  Stage Management, Production Management. 


Research includes: foundations of project management – involving the exploration of the stages of development of a project and the standards, tools and control systems used to manage it. Competency-based training models – the identification of skills, their objectives, standards of practice, and methods of assessment that deem us proficient in each craft of our industry. Performing arts venue architecture and engineering – including auditorium design, technical systems design, backstage infrastructure, and acoustics.

Primary Teaching Areas: Technical Theatre/Design practicum assignments, supervision of Independent projects.