MFA Theatre Practice

The Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Practice brings talented and motivated graduate students together with outstanding educators, active artists and theorists with local, national, and international perspectives in the performing arts.  As a student of the MFA Theatre Practice your own process is at the centre. There is room for cross-fertilization in your training program as well as specialization in a chosen area. In addition, you will be introduced to numerous theoretical and artistic projects, in both research and creation, in which our faculty is engaged. The Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Practice stimulates and deliberately challenges your activity as an artist working in the field of contemporary performance.

We recommend that students considering the MFA in Theatre Practice have a strong record of performance practice before applying.  The program is aimed at mature artists (with at least five years of professional practice) who are interested in deepening or redirecting an already existing practice. This is a project-based degree offering advanced training for artists in the field of performance. The prospective student defines their area of specialization and designs an individual program of study based on their professional goals in consultation with Department of Drama faculty.


  • One-on-one mentoring from faculty advisors who are working artists and scholars in an area related to the student’s sub-specialty
  • Participation in existing graduate courses in specific areas of performance, critical theory, and dramaturgy.
  • A two-year residency that culminates in the presentation of a performative thesis project, supplemented by a written document.

Suggested areas for the Theatre Practice specialization may include (but are not limited to):

  • Choreography

  • Community-based theatre

  • Dramaturgy

  • Interdisciplinary Theatre

  • Performance

  • Performance/Creation

  • Physical theatre

  • Playwriting/Adaptation/Translation

  • Popular Theatre

  • Production management

  • Technical theatre

Successful applicants have an established background in their area of study, and are seeking enhancement of technical skills, artistic approaches and research methodology. Candidates are evaluated by assessing the quality and contribution of their creative work in performance, their academic accomplishment in relevant courses, and the availability of faculty members with research interests in the applicant's area of study. Please note: Due to limited rehearsal and performance space in the department, candidates may at times be required to access resources outside of the university.