Dr. Stefano Muneroni

Playwright Carlos Morton and professor Stefano Muneroni.


PhD (Theatre History and Performance Studies), University of Pittsburgh.
MA (Italian Literature), University of Pittsburgh.
Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (English/Italian), College of North West London, UK.
Laurea in Lettere  (Theatre History), Università “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy.


Career Achievements

Associate Professor, University of Alberta (since 2015)
Assistant Professor, University of Alberta. 2009-2015.
Instructor for the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Arts’ School in Cortona (Italy), Spring 2014.
Lecturer, Carnegie Mellon University. 2009.
Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh. 2008-2009.
Instructor for the University of Pittsburgh Summer Program at the MCAS (Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences) in Syracuse, Italy (2009 and 2010)


Grants and Fellowships

KIAS Research Cluster Grant. Collaborator (2015); Kule Institute for Advanced Studies (KIAS) Cluster Grant (2012); President Fund (2013, 2012, 2011, 2009); Killam Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund -Professional Development (2012); SAS Travel Grant (2010); Killam Conference Grant ((2010); Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS)  Graduate Student Field Research Grant (University of Pittsburgh, 2008 and 2007); Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship (2007-2008); Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) Travel Grant (2008)


Recent Publications, Presentations, Projects

Book Project: Hermenegildo and the Jesuits: Staging Sainthood in the Early Modern Period.

 ”Memorialization and Representation of Immigrants in Contemporary Italy: The Case of Mimmo Paladino’s ‘Gateway to Lampedusa/Gateway to Europe.’ Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture. Vol. 6.2 (2015), 233-245.

The Absent One, Stirred Memories collection, part of the special issue on Translating Memory, TranscUlturAl: A Journal of Translation and Cultural Studies 8.1 (2016).

 Play Analysis: The Dramaturgical Turn. Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2014.  

 Muneroni, Stefano & Guy Cools “Bridging the Space Between Dramaturg and Dancer in the Practice of Rewriting Distance.”, Canadian Theatre Review, 2013.

 “Bilingual Strategies and Homoeroticism in the Translation and Adaptation of Xavier Villaurrutia’s El ausente.” The Mercurian: A Theatrical Translation Review. Vol. 4.3, 2013 (101-112).

 The Absent One (translated and adapted from Xavier Villaurrutia’s El ausente). The Mercurian: A Theatrical Translation Review. Vol. 4.3, 2013 (113-123).

 “Translational Eschatology, Death, and the Absence of God in Rajiv Joseph’s Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies. Vol. 1.2, July 2013 (1-10).

 “The Cultural Politics of Translation: The Case of Voltaire’s Mérope and Scipione Maffei’s Merope.Transcultural: A Journal of Translation and Cultural Studies, Vol 4.1, 2011 (15-22).

 “The Mediterranean as Third Space and the Erosion of National Borders in Contemporary Italian Plays.” Fulvio Orsitto, Sonia Massari, Giovanni Spani (eds.), Italy the Mediterranean and Beyond: Atti della Conferenza Echioltremare. Narcissus.me, 2013.

 “Culture as Text and Performance: The Translation and Dramaturgy of Osvaldo Dragún’s Tres historias para ser contadas.” Translation Studies, Vol. 5.3, 2012 (296-311).

“Intercultural Theatre for the 21st Century: Demolishing Epistemic Wall and Building New Glocalities.” Stephen Andrew Arbury (ed.), The Visual and Performing Arts: An International Anthology. Athens: Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2012 (61-70).

“Teatro la Fragua and the Legacy of Jesuit Theatre.” Ecumenica, Journal of Theatre and Performance, Vol. 4.2, 2011 (7-24).

 "The Politics and Theatre of Osvaldo Dragún,” Visions of Latin America, n.2 (2006)

 “Omofobia e autocensura in Camere Separate di Tondelli,” L’Ancrage, n.4 (2005)

 Book Reviews

Latina/o Canadian Theatre and Performance, by Alvarez, Natalie (ed.). alt.theatre: cultural diversity and the stage. Forthcoming.

Carducci contemporaneo, by Giuseppe Manitta (ed.). Forum Italicum: A Journal of Italian Studies. Vol. 49.2 (2015).

Her Maestro Echo: Pirandello and the Actress Who Conquered Broadway in One Evening by Frassica, Pietro. Annali d’Italianistica, Vol. 31 (2013).

Parisi, Luciano. Come abbiamo letto Manzoni. Interpreti novecenteschi. Italian Culture, Vol. 29.1, 2011 (72-73).

Fo, Dario.  Mistero Buffo, The Collected Plays (vol. 2) ed. by Ron Jenkins. Theatre Journal. Vol. 60.1 (March 2008)


Conference papers

“Dramatic Transcendence as Path to Theological and Literary Orthodoxy: Sforza Pallavicino’s Ermenegildo Martire.” Renaissance Society of America. Boston, USA. (April 2016)

"Staging Sforza Pallavicino's Ermenegildo martire with Food." AATI, American Association for Teachers of Italian. Naples, Italy. (June 2016)

"Il Mondo alla Rovescia”: Gianni Clementi’s Clandestini and the Challenges of the Migrant Experience." Intersections Conferences, Florence, Italy. (June 2016)

“Gianni Clementi’s Finis Terrae: Shaping Transnational Subjectivities in the Mediterranean.” De Re Mediterranea Conference, Florence, Italy. (December 2015).

“Historicizing Latin American Colonization: An Analysis of Tambien la lluvia.” Cinema/Storia: Tempo, Memoria, Identita’ nell’Immaginario delNuovo Millenio. Rome, Italy. (December 2015)

“From Visual Art to Martial Art.” Co-presenter with Odile Cisneros and Ann de Leon. International Week, University of Alberta. (January 30, 2015).

 “Memorialization and Representation of Immigrants in Contemporary Italy: The Case of “Gateway to Lampedusa/Gateway to Europe.” Canadian Peace Research Association (CPRA), Ottawa, Canada (June 3, 2015).

 "Food as Cultural and Intercultural Communication in Contemporary Italian Theatre and Performance." NeMLA, Toronto, Canada (May 3, 2015).

 “Fernando de Zárate y Castronovo’s Treatment of the Hermenegildo Trope and His Celebration of Spain’s Christian Monarchy.” Association Hispanic Classical Theatre (AHCT), El Paso, USA (March 19, 2015).

 “Translating and Performing Poetry from the Mexico-US Border: Three Approaches to the Issue of Gender” (presented with Dr. Odile Cisneros and Dr. Ann De León. St. Jerome’s Day Conference, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (September 30, 2014).

 Public reading of my English translation of Xavier Villaurrutia’s poem “Nocturno de Los Angeles.” St. Jerome’s Translation Readings. Stanley Milner Library of Edmonton (September 29, 2014).

 “Translating Sixteenth Century Jesuit Drama for the North American Theatre History Curriculum.” Mid-Atlantic Theatre Conference (MATC), Cleveland, USA (March 7, 2014).

 “Teatro la Fragua: Jesuit Pedagogy and Social Change.” Congreso Internacional de Literatura Hispánica, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia (March 13, 2014). 

 Translational Eschatology and the Absence of God in Rajiv Joseph’s Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad   Zoo.” ADSA (Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama, and Performance Studies), Adelaide, July 10, 2013.           

  “The Deconstruction of the El Paso/Ciudad Juárez Border in the Plays of Octavio Solis and The Cross Border Project,” CALACS (Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies), Ottawa (Canada), May 3, 2013.

 Chaired the Panel 7b (Disaster Capitalism and Precarious Populations) at the “Negative Cosmopolitanism Conference” (Edmonton, October 13, 2012).

 “Bilingualism as Cultural Resistance: The Translation of Xavier Villaurrutia’s El ausente.” St. Jerome’s Day Conference, University of Alberta, Edmonton (September 30, 2012)

 "God as Rhetorical Trope in Archibald MacLeish’s JB". 4th International Conference on American Drama and Theater, Seville, Spain (May 28-30, 2012).

 “Representation of Border Feminicidio in De Fuenteovejuna a Ciudad Juárez.” International Conference on Chicano Literature, Toledo, Spain (May 23-26, 2012).

 “Monarchical Authority and Jesuitism in Lope de Vega’s La mayor corona” Association Hispanic Classical Theatre (AHCT), El Paso, USA (March 8-10, 2012)

 “Translating as Cultural Subordination in the XVIII Century: Voltaire’s “Quasi” Translation of Scipione Maffei’s Merope.” St. Jerome’s Day Conference, University of Alberta, Edmonton (September 30, 2011)

 “Labor Unrest and Religious Transcendence: Teatro la Fragua and the Performance of Honduran Workers and Farmers.” ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education) Chicago, USA (August 13, 2011)

 “The Elusive Immigrant: Guillermo Reyes Deconstruction of the Mexican-American Border.” ATHE (association for Theatre in Higher Education) Chicago, USA (August 13, 2011)

“Listing Homophobia: Nichi Vendola’s Intermedial Deconstruction of Berlusconismo.” CSIS (Canadian Society Italian Studies) Venice, Italy (June 24, 2011)

 “Displacing the Mediterranean Borders: The Challenges of Intercultural Theatre.” Echi Oltre Mare International Conference, Rome, Italy (June 17-18, 2011)

 “Voierismo e Omoeroticismo del Teatro Gesuitico: L’Ermenegildo martire di Sforza Pallavicino.” AAIS (American Association for Italian Studies) Pittsburgh, USA (April 7-9, 2011)

 “Bearing Witness to the Body in Dance Dramaturgy.” ASTR (American Society for Theatre Research), Seattle (November 20, 2010)

“Intercultural Theatre for the 21st Century: Demolishing Epistemic Walls and Building New Glocalities.” 1st International Conference on Fine and Performing Arts, Athens, Greece (June 7-11, 2010)

 “Luca Outgrows His Homosexuality and Italy Cheers Him on: An Analysis of Giuseppe Povia’s Luca era gay,” CSIS (Canadian Society for Italian Studies) Montreal, (May 29, 2010)

 “Incontri Interculturali nel Mediterraneo: La Stagione Teatrale dell’INDA.” NeMLA (Northeast MLA) Montreal, (April 8, 2010)

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 “The Political and Religious Values of the Jesuit Theatre.” MCAS (Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences) Syracuse, Italy (June 23, 2009)

 “The Vilification of Pittsburgh and the Construction of Eleonora Duse’s Myth.” Lecture organized by the Società Dante Alighieri, Pittsburgh, USA (November 23, 2008)

 “Pietro Aretino’s Il marescalco and the Issue of Gay Marriage in Renaissance Italy.” Pennsylvania Foreign Language Conference, Pittsburgh, USA (September 18-20, 2008)

 “Sor Juana’s El martir del sacramento as a Tool to Undermine Jesuit Orthodoxy,” Congreso Internacional de Literatura Hispánica, Cusco, Peru (March 3-6, 2008)



Ermenegildo Martire by Sforza Pallavicino (Italian into English. Produced during the 2016 StageLAB Theatre Festival)

 Translation of subtitles (Italian into English) for the documentary film La Contraddizione, directed by Laura Perini. This film was presented at the Climate Change Summit held in Paris in 2015.

 El Ausente by Xavier Villaurrutia (Spanish into English and adapted as The

Absent One. Produced during the 2012 Stage LAB Festival)

 Historias para ser contadas by Osvaldo Dragún (Spanish into English as A Toothache & A Plague & A Dog –Staged by Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre in 2006)

 A Ritual of Faith by Brad Levinson (English into Italian with the title Un rito della fede -2001)



Frida y su Reflejo/Frida through the Looking Glass by Marina Mair-Sanchez, Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts (2015).

 Sapientia by Roswitha, Canoe Theatre Festival (Edmonton, 2014).

 Boundless Border, University of Alberta, staged reading of Carlos Morton’s Frontera sin fin (Edmonton, 2014).

 Blood Wedding, University of Alberta’s Studio Theatre, Edmonton (forthcoming 2014)

 The Toxic Bus Incident, Theatre Yes, Edmonton (2011)

 The Mill on the Floss, Citadel Theatre (Young Companies), Edmonton (2011)

 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Citadel Theatre (Young Companies), Edmonton (2010) 

Yerma, Quantum Theatre, Pittsburgh (2009)

 Angels in America, Millennium Approaches, Pitt Repertory Theatre (2009)

 Cymbeline, Pitt Repertory Theatre (2008)

 The American Clock, Pitt Repertory Theatre (2008)

 A Toothache & A Plague & A Dog, Pitt Repertory Theatre (2006) 

Tales of the Lost Formicans, Pitt Repertory Theatre (2006)

 Old Times, Pitt Repertory Theatre (2005)


Recent Graduate Supervision

Chee-Hann Wu, MA Drama (Thesis) completed in 2016

Emily St. Aubin, MA Drama (Thesis) completed in 2014

Melissa Cuerrier, MA Drama (Thesis) completed in 2013

Simon Bloom, MFA Directing (co-supervision with Sandy Nicholls) completed 2013

Yared Mahzenta, MA Drama (Thesis) completed 2012

Delaram Khayatan, MA Drama (course-based) completed 2012

Christopher Stilson, MA Drama (course-based) completed 2012