Guest Artists and Teachers

The Department of Drama consistently draws dynamic instructors, guest directors, artists, and designers to further enrich our students' experience.

Recently, our roster of guest instructors has included  Oliver Armstrong, Nicole Bach-Labrecque, Amanda Bergen, Michele Fleiger, Dave Clarke, Frances Damberger, Jean-Pierre Fournier,  Jan Henderson, David Horak, Patrick Howarth, Betty Hushlak, Heather Inglis, Ian Leung, Elijah Lindenberger, Kim Mattice Wanat, Doug Mertz, Bradley Moss,  Marie Nychka, Dana Tanner-Kennedy, Melissa Thingelstad, Tim Williamson, Colin Winslow, and Cindi Zuby.

Guest directors have included Micheline Chevrier, Jonathan Christenson, Marianne Copithorne, Mitchell Cushman, Brian Deedrick, Brian Dooley, Ron Jenkins, Peter Hinton, Marti Maraden, Mieko Ouchi, Trevor Schmidt, Glenda Stirling, and Kevin Sutley.