Graduate Funding & Awards

Partial through to full funding is currently provided to each graduate student. Funding for Drama's graduate students come from a variety of sources: 

Graduate Teaching & Research Assistantships

A number of full time and part time Graduate Assistantships (GA) are available to Drama graduate students. Some of these assistantships focus on teaching (GTA) and some on research (GRA).

Candidates accepted into our graduate Drama programs will automatically be considered for a full or part time Graduate Assistantship. Normally successful applicants to a Drama program are offered a partial GA for up to two terms per year in their first and second years of study.  These are paid positions and support students financially, while giving them opportunities to develop teaching and research skills. The average of these has been between $3,000 and $15,000 per student per year.

University Awards

Drama graduate students are encouraged to apply for and are assisted in nominations for general awards, including the Masters SSHRC Awards, FGSR Travel Awards, and others. Our drama graduate students are very successful in these competitive applications.

Drama graduate students were also successful in the application of several requests for Research Travel Funding and the Arts Travel bursary.

Other Sources of Funding for Drama Graduate Students