Audition Format and Requirements

Auditions are individual and approximately 30 minutes in duration. 


Two Monologues: Present two prepared and memorized selections which together are no more than six minutes long. One selection is to be from Shakespeare, and the other from Contemporary (1960’s or later) repertoire. Choose selections that are within your playing and age range and use your regular voice. Please do not use accents or dialects.

One Song Excerpt: Sing an excerpt from a work of musical theatre. Choose a short piece from a song (for example, two verses and a chorus, approx. 1 min.) in which you can show character and movement. You must provide your own background music (no other vocals) and we will provide a CD/cassette player (iPod dock guaranteed in Edmonton only). Singing a cappella is acceptable.

One Movement Piece: One Movement Piece: Present a movement sequence that is 1 - 2 minutes in length. This may be choreographed or you may choose to improvise movement to music. In either case, please provide your own music (it can be of any genre). We will provide a CD/cassette player and iPod dock (guaranteed in Edmonton only). Wear clothing that allows you to move freely. The purpose is to see how you move. We are looking for stage presence, range of motion, use of space and imagination.

At the Audition:

Your audition session will include the above items. In addition:

Adjustments/Improvisation: You may be asked to incorporate adjustments to your prepared work and/or to do a movement and/or an acting improvisation.

Script Reading: You may be asked to do a sight-reading of a provided short piece of material.

Interview: Your audition will include a personal interview with the audition team. We are interested in getting to know you a bit, your experience and background, and your interests and professional goals. We are also happy to answer any of your questions about our BFA Acting program at that time.


You may be invited to a Callback. Callbacks start with a group session (approximately 1 hour, with nothing to prepare in advance) followed by individual audition sessions. For callbacks you may present the same materials or prepare other selections.


For those too far from audition sites, we can arrange for audition by video. This must be pre-approved. If submitting a video, perform and record onto a DVD, or upload your file to YouTube/a personal website/etc. Include:

An introduction:

1. Recorded close-up from the shoulders up: state your name, where you are from, and why you are auditioning.

2. Recorded full length, from head to toe: face forward, turn left profile, turn full back, turn right profile, turn full forward.

Two Monologues:  See above. Recorded from the knees up.

One Song Excerpt: See above. Recorded from the knees up.

One Movement Piece:  See above. Recorded as closely as possible but so that the full body is always in view.