Meet the Acting Class of 2017

Jordan BUHAT
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Jordan is thrilled to be in the graduating year of the BFA Acting Program, as Sebastian in Twelfth Night, as well as The Government Inspector and Bright Burning. Jordan is also known for his roles in the BFA as Antonio in The Tempest and E.K. Hornbeck in Inherit The Wind. He was most recently across the border in a touring production of Twelfth Night as Sir Andrew Aguecheek with The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. Other STNJ credits are: Florizel in The Winter’s Tale, as well as being an ensemble member in The Royal Family and Learned Ladies. Jordan is also pursuing his love of personal training and competing. He is experienced in Crossfit, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, cycling, running, and rowing. He credits where he is now to his mother and father, his friends, Will Smith, the BFA Acting Faculty and the Department of Drama staff, and fellow STNJ company members.

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Sarah is a performer and facilitator currently based in Edmonton. This past summer she completed an apprenticeship with Bread & Puppet Theater in Glover County, VT, and the summer before that, traveled to Kisumu, Kenya to participate in arts and performance workshops with Kenyan artists as part of the Ignite!Kisumu initiative. Recently, Sarah has begun a play-reading series of new work called PUPAL STAGE, as well as coordinating and overseeing a massive installation/participatory art piece at this past year's Nextfest. Recent performance credits include Firs in Beau Coleman's adaptation of The Cherry Orchard, Miranda in The Tempest, and a member of the clown-inspired Jumblies ensemble in Catch the Keys' immersive, roving original production, The Runcible Riddle. In this upcoming season at Studio Theatre, Sarah can be seen in God's Ear, The Government Inspector, and the world premiere of Colleen Murphy's new play, Bright Burning.

Alexandra DAWKINS
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Alexandra is excited to be in her graduating year of the BFA Acting Program. As both a local musician and theatre performance artist she is excited to begin self-production, collaboration and devised creation following graduation. Recent credits include Pride and Pre-Jeu-Dice at the Edmonton Clown Festival, Narcissist or Pretty Boys Who Play Alone at Recess at the Edmonton Fringe with Toy Guns Theatre, and Pacamambo at the Edmonton Fringe Festival with Cardiac Theatre. Her biggest ambition is to forward a theatre company that can pay its artists and create interesting work.

Chayla DAY
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Chayla is an actor and dancer completing her final year of the BFA Acting Program at the University of Alberta. Recent productions include: The Tempest – 2016 (BFA); The Orchard – 2016 (BFA); Tainted Ivories – 2015 (Clown Show, BFA); FightNight – 2015 (BFA); Inherit the Wind – 2015 (BFA); The Inspector General – 2014 (Citadel Young Acting Company); and Sybil – 2014 (Dancefest at Nextfest). With 18 years of dance experience, Chayla is trained in ballet, modern, jazz, African, folk, and musical theatre. She is an FDC Certified Basic Actor Combatant. Chayla is thrilled to be playing Viola in the fall 2016 Studio Theatre production of Twelfth Night. Chayla is pursuing a career in Shakespeare and classical theatre as well as film and new work. Focused on international social change, she is passionate about theatre and film that promote unity and equality in the global community.

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Philip is a decided theatre artist, based in Edmonton Alberta. He is the founder and artistic director of Moplip Theatre a company dedicated to producing new and challenging work. Moplip Theatre has had shows in the Fringe and Nextfest for the past three years. Through Moplip Theatre, Philip Geller has directed Half Shambles, Prue and Ambrose, Enid and The Death Wish and Pinniped and The Other Poems. Selected acting credits include The Darling Family (Edmonton Fringe), One of Us Must Know (Edmonton Fringe), Sugar Bath (The Orange Girls/Found Fest), The Tempest (U of A), The Orchard (U of A) and Witch Hunt at The Strand (MA and PA productions/Edmonton Fringe). He is very proud to be in this year’s Studio Theatre season.

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Jacob is originally from the Okanagan in British Columbia where he's been involved in theatre there for many years. Most recent, was his performance in Fred Skeleton Theatre Company's production of Red, for which he won awards at both regional and provincial theatre festivals. Since moving to Edmonton, Jacob has immersed himself in the theatre community, performing in several productions at the University, but through other independent companies, as well. Recent credits include Brad in Everyone We Know Will Be There (Tiny Bear Jaws Productions), Alonso in The Tempest (U of A), Lopakhin in The Orchard (U of A), and John Wilkes Booth in Assassins (Loose Ends Theatre). You can see Jacob this season in the Studio Theatre productions of God's Ear, The Government Inspector, and Colleen Murphy's new play, Bright Burning.

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Emma is an Edmonton born actor/singer/dancer who has spent time studying theatre and enjoying life here at the University of Alberta and also at McGill University in Montreal. As part of her final year in the BFA Acting program she looks forward to learning and performing in God's Ear, The Government Inspector, and in the World Première of Colleen Murphy's new work Bright Burning as part of the 2016/17 Studio Theatre season. Select theatre credits include You're a Good Man Charlie Brown(Opera Nuova), Parade(Opera Nuova), The Tempest(U of A BFA), The Orchard(U of A BFA), Assassins(Loose Ends Theatre), and A Midsummer Night's Dream(The Citadel). Emma was also nominated for an AMPIA in 2014 for her work in the film I FALL DOWN. She looks forward to the excitement of creation and performing for years to come.

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Emily hails from Calgary. Currently she is an Edmonton-based performer in her final year of the BFA Acting Program. She has collaborated with independent companies in Edmonton through Next Fest, Found Festival, The Fringe, Nuit Blanche and The Clown Festival. She has performed extensively at the University of Alberta including Angels in America (Harper), Inherit the Wind (Mrs. Brady/Judge), Tainted Ivories, The Orchard (Lyubov), and The Tempest (Bastiana/Ceres). Other credits include Exposing the Mould (Edmonton Clown Festival), The Darling Family (Edmonton Fringe), Sugar Bath (Found Festival) and Where Did You Go (Nuit Blanche). You can catch her this season in Studio Theatre’s production of The Government Inspector, Bright Burning, and as Olivia in Twelfth Night.


Marc is an Edmonton based actor, singer and dancer who is looking forward to an exciting Studio year. You may know him from last year's University of Alberta BFA productions The Tempest, and The Orchard and the collectively-created Tainted Ivories. Marc is fascinated by space, science and, specifically, the use of technology in theatre. His most recent projects include Thou Art Here’s The Mechanicals, as well as Echoes of a Lost King through Nextfest.

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Sarah is an actor and performance artist who has made her life’s work in yegmonton, Alberta. She is a graduate of MacEwan’s Theatre Arts Program, and is looking forward to completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting at the University of Alberta. Sarah is most well known for her performance piece, ‘I Only Wear Black Turtlenecks’, though you may also recognize her as an improviser with Rapid Fire Theatre, or from the highly unpopular web series, ‘Irwindy’. Select credits include: The Big Fat Surprise (Edmonton Fringe); The Land That Art Forgot (MZD); Devour Content Here (CBBD Productions); Frost Flowers/arctic death machine (Nancy Sandercock).

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Jaimi is from Edmonton, Alberta, and is a graduate of Grant MacEwan’s Theatre Arts program. Since graduating MacEwan, she has toured the dinner theatre circuit, co-produced cabarets, dabbled in opera, and acted in independent and Fringe productions. Select acting credits include the musical bare with Patient Mango Theatre (nominated for a 2012 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Best Fringe Production), Kreskinned with Roguespeare Players, Carrie with 50% Fruit Productions, and most recently Bat Boy: The Musical with Straight Edge Theatre. Jaimi is delighted to be working with the excellent faculty and staff in the BFA Acting Program, and is particularly grateful for her opportunity to play Prosperine in last year's Corner Stage version of The Tempest. This year at Studio Theatre, Jaimi can be seen in Twelfth Night, The Government Inspector, and Bright Burning.

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Jake is a Holden-raised, Edmonton-based theatre artist in his final year of the BFA Acting program. Also a graduate of Red Deer College’s Theatre Performance and Creation program, Jake has worked as an actor, director, creator and educator in central Alberta. His selected credits include: The Big Fat Surprise, and Pride and Pre-Jeu-Dice (innocent operations), You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown! (Opera Nuova), The Comedy of Errors (Red Deer College), Pinniped and Other Poems (Moplip Theatre) and The Land that Art Forgot (Mile Zero Dance). This year at Studio Theatre, Jake will be seen in Twelfth Night, The Government Inspector, and Colleen Murphy’s new play, Bright Burning.