Download the BFA Technical Theatre Info Sheet (PDF, 234 KB) for printable version.

I have questions. Who can I talk to?

You can email or call Connie Golden, Undergraduate Advisor, connie.golden@ualberta.ca or 780.492.8710

When should I apply to the UofA?

Applications open each Fall for admission for the following September.  Apply early.  Once you apply to the UofA you can then apply for Housing (residence fills up every year and fills up fast!) as well as for Scholarships and Financial Aid. Don’t forget to apply to Drama as well!

I’d like to transfer into the program.  Can I do that?

Yes. Depending on what courses you have taken and from which post-secondary institution, you may be eligible to transfer into year 2 or 3 of either program.

How do I know if a course(s) is transferable?

Start with contacting Connie Golden, and together with John Raymond, BFA Theatre Design Program Coordinator, we will be able to advise on Drama courses that will transfer.  

You can also consult the Alberta Transfer Guide (for students at other Alberta institutions) to get a rough idea on your own. Ensure your course transfers to UofA’s main campus and not UofA’s Augustana campus (Augustana shows up as AU – e.g. AUBIO 100).  If you are at a post-secondary institution in another province, consult your provincial transfer guide. If a course transfers to a major University (ex. UBC, Queens, etc.) there will be a good chance it will transfer to the UofA.

Do I have to order transcripts?

If you applied through the Apply Alberta website and have opted to have your transcripts sent automatically, then you will not have to order transcripts for any participating Alberta institutions (including Alberta Learning).  You must request all other documents including IB, AP and out-of-province transcripts and arrange to have them sent to the Registrar’s Office before the deadline.

Where do I send my transcripts?

Submit official and complete transcripts directly to (check Bear Tracks for deadlines):


Office of the Registrar

            Administration Building

            University of Alberta

            Edmonton, AB  T6C 2M7

How and when will I receive FINAL ADMISSION?

A successful interview DOES NOT guarantee that you will be granted admission.  Final Admission is determined by the Faculty of Arts once all your official documents have been received.  Your admission decision can be viewed on Bear Tracks.

When should I start using my UofA email address and Bear Tracks?

Start using both your UofA email address and visit Bear Tracks as soon as you apply to the UofA.  These are the official channels of communication between the university and you.

What is Bear Tracks and how do I access it?

Bear Tracks is an online student services portal.  You access it by going to the UofA homepage www.ualberta.ca and clicking on the Bear Tracks link in the top right hand corner.