Tips for building your portfolio

Preparing your theatre design portfolio

  • Your portfolio must include examples of free-hand drawing - this could include sketches of still life objects, the human figure, animals or portraiture.
  • We are interested in seeing a diverse selection of your artistic work (approximately 20 pieces). Other visual communication styles could include painting, sculpture, architecture, print, poster and sign design, as well as computer graphic work.
  • It is not essential for you to include theatre work when you are applying for the BFA Theatre Design program, but if you have previous theatre design experience, you will want to include sample designs from these projects: drafting, renderings, photos of finished costumes, makeup, sets or lights. 
  • As for the format, you are free to choose a format or a mix of formats that is convenient for you - CD-ROM, photos, sketchbooks, scrapbooks, colour photocopies or slides. If you decide to send a digital portfolio, please be aware that our computers are PC and use the XP platform.
  • Portfolios will be available for pick up once final decisions have been made.

Still not sure what a design portfolio is?

Please contact Theatre Design Program Coordinator, Robert Shannon, Lee Livingstone, Guido Tondino,  or Colin Winslow. They are all happy to give you guidance on how to put together a portfolio of your work.