Meet some of the Class of 2021


Matt AndersonMatthew ANDERSON – BA Drama Honours
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Matthew Anderson is a fourth-year Drama Honours student who has been greatly involved in the festival and student governance scene during his time at the University of Alberta. This includes but is not limited to: being the Artistic Director for the New Works festival two years in a row, sitting on both the ABBEDAM and Off-The-Cuff executive boards, being a student representative for the Undergraduate Drama Student Association, the Chair’s Advisory Council, the Drama Council, and the BA Committee, as well as extensive participation as both an actor, designer, tech, and director within student productions.

Outside of the university, Matt is the Chief Operating Officer of ReadyGo Theatre, which produces independent theatre for a variety of community festivals and beyond. Stayed tuned for ReadyGo’s upcoming shows by following them on Instagram @readygotheatre or by following Matt directly @mwanderson_ to keep up with his individual artistic pursuits!

Courtney BettaninCourtney BETTANIN – BFA Production (Stage Management)
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Courtney is looking forward to graduating from the Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Production Stage Management Program. Although, she is also having bittersweet moments as her final year goes on. Born and raised in BC, moving to Edmonton has been a life changing experience for her in the best way possible. After working in the Vancouver, BC musical theatre scene for three years, she decided to come to university to refine and further her Stage Management skills. Courtney would like to thank those who supported and allowed her to continue on this theatre dream; now let’s end this last year with a bang!

Lauren BradyLauren BRADY – BFA Acting
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Lauren Brady is an actor, dancer, model, clown and choreographer/creator from Calgary, Alberta. She is currently in her fourth year of the BFA in Acting program at the University of Alberta. Lauren is also known as one of the creators & founders of Shakespeare's Hunnies, a blog focused on sharing emerging artist's work. Selected credits include Disguise (FAME Productions), theBYSTANDER (Nextfest Festival), The Boyfriend, Crooked Midnight (University of Alberta), DragonyTale (Common Ground Festival), Everything Nothing, Filter (Ignite Dance Series). Lauren would also like to immensely thank her family, professors and mentors who supported her throughout her BFA & theatre journey.

Elizabeth ChamberlainElizabeth CHAMBERLAIN – BFA Acting
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Elizabeth is completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting at the University of Alberta and had previously also graduated from the Theatre Arts program at Grant MacEwan University in 2018. She is a singer, actor, dancer, and songwriter who has pronounced herself in the film, music, and theatre industries. Elizabeth’s most proud theatre achievement is spending months living in British Columbia doing an 82-show run of a brand new musical of which she played the namesake character of the show, The Red Mountain. Elizabeth’s two most proud film achievements include playing Alexandra ‘Zee’ Bradbury in the Hollywood Sci-Fi film series “Space Command” as well as composing and performing a signature song for “The Code” directed by multi-award winning director Patrick Ryder in England. Elizabeth is known for her fiery passion for the arts and her willingness to constantly pursue it wherever it takes her.

shyanne-photo-150x189.jpgShyanne DUQUETTE - BA Drama Major

Shyanne is very honoured to be a part of the 2021 graduating class with the University of Alberta Department of Drama. She is immensely thankful to those who have helped her navigate the daunting world of university bureaucracy and it is through the support of her family, professors and peers she has been able to cultivate and refine her love for the arts. Currently based in Edmonton Alberta, Shyanne is excited to be entering the work field with passion, creativity and chutzpah! 

declan-f-headshot-150x205-1.jpgDeclan Fournier – BA/Bed Combined

Declan is in his final year of the BA/BEd combined degree program, and is excited to get out there and teach drama to future generations. Despite the tumultuous year 2020 has been, Declan has persevered and continued to find time for playwriting with friends. Over the course of his time in the program, Declan has had the chance to work with some amazing classmates and professors, all of whom he'd like to thank for their dedication and unyielding love for the arts.


Max HanicMax HANIC – BFA Acting
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Max Hanic is an actor, dancer and singer currently studying in the BFA acting program at the University of Alberta. Some of his credits include Mircea from In Camera (2019 Found Fest), Francis Flute in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2017/2018 Young Acting Company), Mihai in Mad Forest (University of Alberta), Kay in Boy Trouble (Fringe 2019, Outstanding Fringe Performance Sterling Nomination) and a dancing role in Once We Were Queens (2019 Next Fest).


Sophie HealeySophie HEALEY – BFA Acting
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Sophie is an Edmonton-born artist in her final year of the BFA Acting program at the University of Alberta. Recent credits include The Boyfriend (University of Alberta), The Secret Garden (Opera NUOVA), The Parade, or Approaching the End of a Summer (Honest Bandits Theatre), Crooked Midnight (University of Alberta), and Mad Forest (University of Alberta). Sophie has never appeared on the Emmy-award winning show Schitt’s Creek.  In her spare time she enjoys drawing little pictures. She’s so excited to see what awaits her after graduation. Much love and gratitude to her family, the faculty and her classmates for their support and friendship along the way.

Galen HiteGalen HITE – BFA Production (Stage Management)
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Galen is slightly unnerved to be in his fourth and final year of BFA Stage Management at the University of Alberta. He has had a wonderful and excitingly draining time on his adventure through this program and can't wait to continue to adventure out there in the great big world of Canadian theatre. A passionate stage manager of many interests, Galen’s favourite moment is the first note of the orchestra at the top of the show. His recent theatre credits include Shakespeare's Dog (Studio Theatre 2020) and Iphigenia 2.0 (Bleviss Laboratory Theatre 2019). He wants to thank his friends, his family, his plants and Google for always being there for him.

Anthony HunchakAnthony HUNCHAK – BFA Production (Technical Theatre)
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Anthony has a diverse set of interests as a theatre artist ranging from performance, to design, to technical theatre. Over the past several years his focus has been on completing the Bachelor of Fine Arts Production program with a specialization in Technical Theatre. Recent credits include sound design on Belleville (2020), head of lights for Iphigenia 2.0 (2019) and his upcoming role as Assistant Technical Director for Chrysothemis (2020). As a performer his range of experience includes found space, mascot, and puppetry, with recent performing credits including DARK (Fort Edmonton Park, 2019), But Hark, a Voice! (Thou Art Here Theatre, 2017) and, most recently, Tracks (Vena Amoris Projects, 2020). Anthony would like to thank everyone who has helped him on his journey so far, the professors, staff, faculty, friends and family who have supported him through his time at the University of Alberta.

Dylan MaguireDylan MAGUIRE – BFA Acting
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Dylan is a Brampton, Ontario-born artist who spent his three years prior to beginning university in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Acting since he was eight, he is thrilled to be graduating from the University of Alberta’s BFA Acting program in the 2020/2021 year. Selected theatre credits include The Boyfriend (University of Alberta), the clown show Crooked Midnight (University of Alberta), and Mad Forest (University of Alberta). He would like to express his extreme gratitude to all of his professors, mentors, and classmates, for making the past three years extraordinary.


Thomas KassianThomas KASSIAN – BFA Acting
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Thomas Kassian is an Edmonton-based stage and film actor currently finishing his fourth year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting at the UofA. He will be performing in Secret in the Wings, The Birds, and Dracula in the upcoming Studio Theatre Season. Recent credits include The Boyfriend, Mad Forest (University of Alberta), The Parade (Honest Bandits), The Secret Garden (OperaNUOVA), and Bat Boy: The Musical (Citadel Young Company). Thomas is looking forward to navigating the craziness of this year, and finding out all it brings. He would like to thank his wonderful professors, classmates, and family for all of their support.

Michelle RobbMichelle ROBB – BFA Acting
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Michelle is an Edmonton-based actor, dancer, and playwright. Prior to the BFA Acting program,
she studied for two years in the U of A’s BA Honours Drama program. Aside from the U of A, she
trained for two years under Heather Inglis in the Citadel Young Playwriting Company. Her play,
Tell Us What Happened will soon be produced in a co-production with TheatreYES, Azimuth
Theatre, and Workshop West. See CV for past credits and experience.

julia-stanski-150x213.jpgJulia STANSKI – BA Drama Major
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Julia is in her final year of the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Alberta, pursuing a double major in drama and English. She is the co-founder of Settle a Score Productions and enjoys writing, directing, choreographing, and performing in Edmonton's wonderful theatre community.  Credits include: Foote in the Door Productions: Beauty and the Beast, A Little Night Music, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Carousel. Settle a Score Productions: Songs of the Silver Screen. Trinity Players: The Music Man.

Zach StromZachary STROM - BFA Acting
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Zachary is a multidisciplinary artist based in Amiskwaciwâskahikan on Treaty 6 Territory, colonially known as Edmonton. As an emerging artist in a time where the outlook of the theatre landscape inspires trepidation, he is grateful to be surrounded by a community of relentlessly caring and passionate creators that remind him art cannot be stopped. Select performance credits include The Boyfriend, Mad Forest (University of Alberta), Mary’s Wedding (Shattered Glass Theatre), Valentine in The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Primestock Theatre), and Torpor Temper (Art Apart). Zachary will be performing this Studio Season in The Secret in the Wings, The Birds, and Dracula, and with cautious optimism hopes it will be safe for audiences to attend. Zachary is thankful for all of the support and care from his BFA ensemble, his instructors, and his family.

Breanna TwistBreanna TWIST – BA Drama Honours
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Breanna is an Edmonton-based theatre artist who is excited to be graduating with a BA Honours degree in Drama. In her time at U of A she got involved in various ways including costume design for Drama 457, lighting design for New Works, and participating in Off-the-Cuff. She is looking forward to completing her honours thesis this year and then seeing what the world of theatre and film can offer post-graduation. She is very excited to hit the ground running with her passion and drive for this industry! Credits include: University of Alberta: The Penelopiad, If We Were Birds, and The Grace of Mary Traverse. Fringe: Days of the Klondike.

Julia Van DamJulia VAN DAM – BFA Acting
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Julia is thrilled to be graduating from the UofA with a BFA in Acting. For past credits and experience please see CV. She would like to thank her teachers, family and partner for all of the love and support over these three years.


hannah-w-headshot-150x190.jpgHannah WIGGLESWORTH – BFA Acting

Hannah is grateful to be based in Amiskwaciwâskahikan on Treaty 6 territory also known as Edmonton. She was born on Treaty 1 territory in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a multi-disciplinary artist who loves to act, sing and groove for stage and screen. Her recent theatre credits include Crooked Midnight (University of Alberta), Mad Forest (University of Alberta), Baba Yaga (AMTC), The Seduction Theory (Sarasvati Productions), The Bridges of Madison County (Dry Cold Productions). Hannah hopes you will be able to see her and her classmates in the 2020-2021 Studio Theatre season in Don Juan Comes Back from the War, The Birds and Dracula. She sends love to her parents, teachers and classmates for all of their support.