Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

X Ray Diffraction Laboratory

The XRD Diffraction Laboratory is located in Room 1-13 Earth Sciences Building. The Lab houses two Rigaku Powder X-Ray diffractometers. The facility is used by researchers within and from outside the department, graduate and undergraduate students for their theses and projects as well as in undergraduate courses. In addition the Lab accepts samples from other universities across North America, industry and government agencies for analysis.

The Rigaku Geigerflex Powder Diffractometer is equipped with a cobalt tube, graphite monochromator and scintillation detector. The system has an online computer with analog and digital data processing capacity. Routine search/match is run on a separate computer using JADE 9.1 software and the ICDD and ICSD databases.

The Rigaku Ultima IV comes with Cross Beam Optics which allows the operator to switch from parallel to focusing geometries. It is equipped with the following attachments:

  • Standard Sample Stage
  • ASC-10 Stage – Automatic 10 position sample stage with spinner
  • Capillary Stage
  • Small Area attachment - XYZ stage with video monitoring for small areas (down to 0.5 mm diameter)
  • Low/Medium Temperature attachment – controls temperature from -180°C to 300°C
  • HT 1500 High Temperature attachment – controls temperature from room temperature to approximately 1350°C

Detectors for the Ultima IV include the Scintillation Detector with graphite monochromator, or the D/Tex ultra high speed position sensitive system with Kß filter to remove unwanted K-beta peaks. The Ultima IV Powder X-Ray Diffraction Machine also has a cobalt tube.

The Ultima IV was purchased with a generous donation from Conoco Phillips.

Sample Preparation:
Ideally samples should be ground to a fine powder less than 10 micron size fraction. The powdered samples are then mounted into holders that require 1 - 2 grams of powder each sample. Smaller samples can be mounted on zero-background plates.

Please contact the XRD Technician for more information and for pricing.

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