Award & Medal Recipients

Join us in congratulating Margo Regier, Suzette Timmerman and Carlo Emanuel for their recent awards and medals.

12 November 2020

Margo Regier

Graduate student

UAlberta Governor General's Gold Medal

Margo won the award because of the excellence of her thesis: "Subduction and the genesis of mantle roots and diamonds", which included a first-authored paper in Nature and her record of academic achievement, mentoring and contributions to the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, throughout her tenure as a PhD student. She will begin a post-doctoral fellowship at the Carnegie Institute for Science in Washington DC in the New Year.

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Suzette Timmerman

Post-Doctoral Fellow

J.G. Crawford Prize

Dr Suzette Timmerman has been awarded the J.G. Crawford Prize for her 2019 thesis, “Diamonds – time capsules of volatiles and the key to dynamic Earth evolution”. Dr Timmerman’s work combined isotopic analyses of noble gases, carbon, nitrogen and trace elements in diamonds, which are some of the deepest-sourced Earth materials available to scientists.

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Carlo Emanuel

Msc. Integrated Petroleum Geosciences

Best Student Presentation Award

Carlo's Poster, "Seismic Velocity Determination by Using Stratigraphic Emphasis to Predict Pore Pressure Distribution in the Devonian Duvernay Formation in the Fox Creek Area, Alberta, Canada" in the 2020 GSA Meeting session, was ranked as the best student poster. His poster content, appearance and layout, as well as your command of material impressed the evaluators. Congratulations!