Workshop in Structural Geology and Economic Geology

22 January 2021

The Economic Geologist's Structural Toolbox

February 16 - 17, 2021

The SEG Student chapters of Memorial University and the University of Alberta are excited to announce a two, half-day workshop in the application of structural geology to economic geology. Over the course of the workshop, participants will be introduced to oriented structure data, working with oriented core, case studies presented by our invited experts.
Speakers include:
  • Dr. John Waldron,
  • Dr. John Proffett,
  • Dr. John  Dilles,
  • P.Geo. David Rhys,
  • Dr. Tomahs Blankinsop,
  • Dr. Stefan Kruse,
  • C.P.G. Chris Brown,
  • Dr. Jean-Lec Pilote.
Cost of Attendance:
SEG Student 15.00 CAD;
Non-Member Student 20.00 CAD;
SEG Regular 35.00 CAD;
Non-Member Regular 40.00 CAD.
For more information, please contact