Awards & Medal Recipients

Congratulate our outstanding scientists for their significant contribution and scientific achievements.

21 May 2021


Prof. Dingwell elected to the Royal Society

The geoscientist Prof. Donald Bruce Dingwell (Peacock Medallist 2015), Chair of Mineralogy and Petrology and current Director of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences has been elected to the Royal Society in recognition of his scientific achievements.

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William Harvey Gross Award: Dr. Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez

The 2021 William Harvey Gross Award is awarded to Dr. Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez of the University of Alberta. Dr. Lecumberri-Sanchez is recognized for her contributions towards understanding the geochemistry of ore-forming fluids and fluid-rock interactions with implications for a range of deposit types (e.g., W skarn, Cu porphyry, high-sulfidation epithermal, Ag-Pb-Zn, and orogenic Au deposits) and hydrothermal-magmatic systems in general.

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2021 GAC Logan medalist: Dr. Kurt Konhauser

The Logan is of the Geological Association of Canada is intended to recognize individuals for their sustained distinguished achievement in Canadian Earth sciences. The 2021 winner is Dr. Kurt Konhauser from the University of Alberta.

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